Sean Hannity Opens Up About His Religious Journey and Christian Faith

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News, but what many people may not know about him is that he is also a strong Christian who is extremely proud of his faith.

Hannity’s Religious Journey

While appearing on the holiday edition of “Ainsley’s Bible Study” on Fox Nation, Hannity discussed his journey in faith and how his Christian faith helped shape his life.

“My faith actually has gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older,” Hannity said. “I would say I realize more than ever that I not only need, but I want, God in my life.”

Though Hannity attended Catholic school growing up, he no longer has any affiliation with the Catholic Church. While talking to fellow Christian Ainsley Earhardt, Hannity spoke about what his faith is really like these days.

Take a look:

“I think of God in an interesting way,” he said.

“I think for me is that science is showing us, universes within universes within universes, beyond any imagination that we could ever have. Or you look at Genesis and God created the light and the seven days, morning came, evening the second day. And I believe God created every man, woman and child on this earth. And we as human beings will never, ever be able to understand the majesty of this creation.”

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“It’s beyond any comprehension and it all fits beautifully,” he added.

“And then you look at something like gravity and you say, ‘Wow, that’s pretty powerful.’ Then you look at the animal kingdom and…the smallest microorganisms…human beings. And I don’t think, you couldn’t look at that objectively, and not conclude that there is something so amazing out there that all of that was created.”

Hannity Credits His Faith With Keeping Him Grounded

Admitting that he was “incorrigible” as a child, Hannity confesses his flaws but also said that his “conscience within him” has keeps him grounded.

“I think as a flawed human being and somebody that was an incorrigible kid to my parents growing up, I’m not perfect,” he said.

“I know my imperfections. How is it that I have something that lives within me that tells me every single solitary thing that I do in life that is wrong? It tells me…I feel bad about it. That’s a conscience to me. That’s a God within us telling us, ‘Hey, live the right way.'”

For instance, these days one of the things Hannity is known for is challenging atheists on his television show. And, he is happy to have a platform to spread Christianity in his own way.

“I feel my whole life has been a blessing,” he said.

“I don’t know how all of this happened. I don’t ever think about all of this happening. I don’t think I’m successful. I don’t look at it [that way]. All I did was take chances and follow my dream and my passion. And when opportunities presented themselves, I just jumped.”

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How Christianity Shaped The United States

Later in the show, Hannity talked about Judeo-Christian principles and the “intersection between politics and faith.”

“This whole country is founded on Judeo-Christian principles that I believe and would argue have advanced the human condition more than any other system designed by man,” he said.

“And there is an intersection between politics and a belief or a faith in God. And, you know, the United States of America has been the light to the world.”

At the end of the program, Earhardt thanked Hannity for his honesty, adding that it’s all about trying to “make yourself better the next day.”

“You know, you’re very good on your show about saying, ‘I’m not perfect. I need God. I’ve made a lot of mistakes,'” she said.

“And I think people love that about you….we all backslide. Life is long. Life is hard. There are times when you do things that you’re not happy about — and it’s just trying to make yourself better the next day.”

Time for God

“You know, one of the things that I’ve noticed in my life, because we’re so busy, all of us every day…you’ve got to get up in the morning, you shovel your coffee down your throat, you got to feed your kids… You got to race off to work. And you go home, cook them dinner…study and then go to bed and pass out — and we do that five days a week,” Hannity replied.

“There’s not a lot of time for God in there,” he concluded, “but I found when I am at my best, in my opinion…or at least more at peace with myself [is] when I spend a half-hour just reading either a Taylor Caldwell book or the Bible or a Bible study. When I spend that time and make it God time, I feel at my best.”

Those are some powerful words. It’s encouraging to see this side of Hannity!