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September 29, 2022
Shania Twain once had a very awkward dinner with Oprah Winfrey that “went sour” when religion came up in conversation.
Eagle Scout project
June 10, 2021
Michael Carlson started planning his Eagle Scout Project 2 years ago and raised funds to build it. Now, it’s under fire for its inscription.
Sean Hannity
December 16, 2019
Sean Hannity is known for being one of the most popular hosts on Fox News, but what many people don’t about him is that he is also a strong Christian.
Brad Pitt describes his self-proclaimed atheism as youthful rebellion and explores his road back to God in a new interview with GQ magazine.
Brad Pitt confesses he is no longer an atheist, calling it youthful rebellion, and explores his road back to God in a new interview with GQ magazine.
christmas lights atheists
December 21, 2018
Ozark, Missouri has long put up a gorgeous Christmas display in a park. This year, the city received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
gene simmons tim tebow religion
November 16, 2018
Gene Simmons has had enough of the flack that Tim Tebow gets for his Christianity. As a Jewish man, he’s not okay with religious discrimination.
americas got talent mom died cancer
June 7, 2018
Three siblings perform on Americas Got Talent and immediately bought one of the show’s judges, Mel B to tears with their amazing
willie robertson pastor
May 29, 2018
Since “Duck Dynasty” is over, Willie Robertson has more time to do something he loves – preaching. He might be a celebrity to many people, but to the members of Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ, he is their part-time preacher.
Candace Cameron Bure bible verses
Candace Cameron Bure makes no apologies for her faith. The actress has never shied away from sharing her love for Jesus with her fans. She hopes it will encourage others to seek out God. Now, she’s sharing her favorite Bible verses on kindness to continue bringing God’s Word to the masses. 
Tim Tebow Bat Boy down syndrome
Tim Tebow has done it again. He is making enormous strides in his second career as a professional athlete. With his second three-run homer of the season, Tebow supporters are cheering even louder than ever. This home run has a significant meaning.
NBC anti Christian
April 17, 2018
An NBC television show has joined in on Hollywood’s bigotry against Christians. “Timeless,” which airs on Sunday nights, mocked Christianity and praying. One of the main characters insisted that “God doesn’t exist” when another character mentioned her recent religious tendencies.
Christian teen bullied
April 13, 2018
A YouTuber with 3 million followers mocked a teen for her Christian faith and her looks. Both Twitter and YouTube have allowed this cyberbullying to remain online.
rapture april 23
April 13, 2018
According to an article published in the U.K.’s Daily Express, Christian numerologist David Meade says that biblical prophecy “strongly suggests” that the Rapture will occur on April 23.
I Can Only Imagine
March 27, 2018
Dennis Quaid is proud of his role in I Can Only Imagine. In interviews, the longtime actor has been honest about his own Christianity. He also reveals the gift that Millard’s dying father gave his son.
2018 Christian movies
March 26, 2018
Christians continued sending Hollywood a message for the second weekend in a row. Several 2018 Christian movies were in the top 10 in box office sales.
dennis quaid christian
Dennis Quaid’s faith was put on display when he starred in the Christian-themed movie “I Can Only Imagine.” The movie helped him finish a song for his mom.
Sadie Robertson boyfriend
Sadie Robertson is being honest about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Blake Coward. The two dated for two years before splitting last year. She has
Roseanne religion
February 9, 2018
A hilarious Roseanne religion clip has surfaced, reminding all Americans why we love this iconic show that is being revived 20 years