Dolly Parton For King & Country CMA awards christian faith-based songs ABC primetime

The 2019 Country Music Association CMA Awards took place on Wednesday night, and one of the highlights came when legendary singer Dolly Parton took the stage with For King & Country to perform not just one but THREE faith-based anthems.

The Grammy winning artist’s performance was particularly refreshing given the fact that it’s rare to see anything faith-based on network television these days, and Parton has been rewarded with widespread praise for her performances.

Dolly Performs Christian Music Live On ABC

Fox News reported that Parton began by teaming up with the Christian pop duo For King & Country for their collaboration of “God Only Knows,” which has been a major hit since it’s release earlier this year.

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Parton then brought out singer Zach Williams to perform the gospel song “There Was Jesus” with him.

Finally, Parton went solo with backup from a gospel choir as she sang the song “Faith”, a song in which she collaborates with singers Galantis and Mr. Probz.

Fans Praise Dolly’s Faith-Based Performance at CMA Awards 

Fans were immediately receptive to Dolly Parton’s moving performance, with many commenting on how refreshing it was to see faith-based music on a mainstream network like ABC during primetime.

“Can’t believe @ABCNetwork allowed songs about Jesus, Faith, and God. Thank you Dolly Parton!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I’m sorry, @DollyParton singing worship music is everything. Everyone should be made to listen to this. Love this. I swear there would be a lot less hate in the world if everyone did. @CountryMusic #CMAs.”

A third social media user simply commented, “Best quote tonight at #CMA by @DollyParton, of course–“Everybody at the CMAs, keep the faith!” @CountryMusic.”

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Network TV Needs More Faith-Based Content

The success of Dolly’s Christian medley last night just goes to show how much Americans miss seeing faith-based content on network television.

After years of liberals dubbing anything remotely Christian as “offensive,” networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC have submitted to them by removing virtually any reference to Christianity from their programming.

In the end, it shouldn’t be “offensive” to show people giving thanks to God on television.

Hopefully, networks will take notice of Dolly Parton’s success and start showing more faith-based content like hers.

Do yourself a favor today and watch Dolly Parton’s incredible CMAs performance with For King & Country in the video below.

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