piers morgan shames harry and meghan for LA high life

Piers Morgan spoke out Wednesday morning on”Good Morning Britain” to brand Meghan Markle a “rank hypocrite”. This came after her husband, Prince Harry, defended their use of private jets despite the royal couple’s constant lecturing the public about climate change.

Fox News reported that after the Harry and Meghan received backlash for taking four private jet trips in just eleven days, Harry defended himself by claiming that he flies commercial “99 percent of the time”. Contending that he only boards private planes with Meghan and baby Archie Harrison to keep his family “safe.” The royal went on to say that “no one is perfect” before launching his new sustainable travel project.

Harry And Meghan Are ‘Hypocrites’

During a debate on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan said that he has “no problem” with royals “flying around in private jets” and driving “gas-guzzling cars” as long as they’re upfront about it. He then described Harry and Meghan as the “high priest and high priestess of environmental preaching” before raging, “Nobody wants to hate these two. But they are making themselves look like rank hypocrites and you can’t as a Royal do that.”

“The Queen would never espouse views like this because she knows the life of a Royal is very hypocritical if you do,” Morgan said. “You can’t fly on private jets every 10 minutes using this bogus excuse about safety and then preach all the time as they do about the environment.” RELATED: Gayle King Defends Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Over Climate Change Hypocrisy

Morgan Says Princess Diana Flew Commercial

Morgan then said that Harry’s safety excuse was “nonsense” and claimed that his mother Princess Diana “flew commercial British Airways 99 percent of the time and it was always fine.” Former royal editor Duncan Larcombe was also on the panel, and he seemed to agree with Morgan.

“Prince Harry keeps trying to explain his way out of this,” Larcombe said, going on to reference Harry’s claim of flying commercial “99 percent of the time.”

“He does predominately do that. But this year, he hasn’t,” he said.

Amercian Viscountess Julie Motagu tried to defend the royal couple, saying that the public has to “look at Harry and Meghan a bit differently” to other members of the Royal Family.

“Let’s look at the platform they’re creating – the two of them are doing much more than any other Royal I’ve ever seen,” Montagu said.

Meghan And Harry Overspend Tax Dollars

Morgan, however, was not having any of it. He pointed out that “every royal supports small charities” and that it’s “part of the deal for deal for getting the Palaces, the servants, Frogmore Cottage done up at taxpayer expense.” Meghan and Harry spent $2.9 million in taxpayer dollars renovating their new home Frogmore Cottage earlier this summer, including installing “two orangeries and a floating floor” in their at-home yoga studio. RELATED: Harry And Meghan Spend $3 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Frogmore Renovations

“Meghan is looking like this [as] an American — she wants to be a celebrity princess,” Morgan continued. “But here’s the bottom line: you cannot be political and be a senior member of the royal family.” He continued: “There’s too much hypocrisy that goes with that position and also you’re polarizing half your audience. Are we going to see Meghan spouting off about Brexit now? She refused to see Donald Trump when he came over. The problem is she wants to be a woke princess. The British public don’t want their Royals to be woke.”

Harry Defends Private Jet Use

Morgan then slammed Harry for the hypocrisy of defending himself at the same time he was unveiling his sustainable travel venture.

“Harry looked defiant to me yesterday which is a worrying sign, like ‘I don’t care about all the allegations of hypocrisy – I’m going to carry on preaching to you and do the complete opposite on my own life,'” Morgan raged. “Harry if you’re watching, don’t do that. You can’t do both. You’re either going to be a senior or a gas-guzzling celebrity who wants to preach about whatever. You can’t do it all.”

It can’t be denied that it is certainly hypocritical for Harry and Meghan to fly around on private jets while also telling the rest of us that we need to bend over backwards to save the environment. This hypocrisy combined with their overspending of tax dollars will soon cause their popularity to plummet with the public if they do not get their acts together soon. They may not like what Morgan had to say, but if Harry and Meghan want to remain beloved, they would do well to heed his advice.

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