Military Danielle Corbo

Christmas is a difficult time for military families because they often find themselves separated from their loved ones who are deployed overseas. However, when Florida military wife Danielle Cobo found herself in this situation, she got creative with her family Christmas card this year so that her deployed husband could be included.

Creative Way To Include Deployed Husband In Christmas Card

This is the first time Danielle Cobo’s husband, a Black Hawk helicopter pilot currently serving overseas, will not get to celebrate the holiday with her and their two-year-old twin boys.

Danielle teamed up with a friend of the family to digitally include her husband in this year’s Christmas card photo.

Photo Shows Danielle Cobo Holding Hands With Husband

The photo shows Danielle standing with the twins holding her hand out. Edited in next to them, her husband can be seen standing in front of a helicopter in uniform holding his own hand out.

It looks as if he is holding hands with his wife. Awwwwwwwwww.

Military Danielle Corbo

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“I wanted to find a way for us to capture a photo of us together even though we can’t technically be together,” Danielle said. “Even though we’re miles apart, we’re still close together. We’re still a family unit and our hearts are in the right place.”

Danielle Cobo Hopes Americans Remember Sacrifices of Military Families

After her Christmas card went viral, Danielle expressed hopes that Americans would remember the sacrifices being made by members of the military and their families during the holiday season.

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“We’re just holding it all together. It’s a sacrifice among everybody,” she said. “I remember the day when I dropped him off with his unit to leave. I remember driving home. No one had any idea what I’m going through right now. It made me look around at all the other people around me. People go through so much in their lives and you would have no idea.”

Danielle concluded that until her husband’s deployment ends this coming spring, she will continue to ensure he is a part of their boys’ lives through stories and videos.

These days, it seems as if members of the U.S. military get less gratitude than ever. As we enjoy the holidays with our loved ones, let’s remember those who are sacrificing that to fight for the rest of our freedoms.

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