Members of the United States military make huge sacrifices for their country when they put their lives on the line to protect the rest of our freedoms. Their families end up having to make huge sacrifices as well, as they have to be separated from their loved one for months at a time, oftentimes without knowing if he or she is safe or not.

Now, a video is going viral that serves as a reminder of the sacrifices that are made by members of the military and their families.

Daily Mail reported that Parker Perner is a 23-year-old Marine who was just deployed on two long stints of service across the world. When his active duty finally ended and he returned home to Mounds, Oklahoma, he decided that he wanted to surprise his 8-year-old brother Cash, who he had not seen for a full year.

The video below opens with the boys’ mother Kim telling Cash that she has a surprise for him that he needs to be blindfolded for, claiming that he was going to be rewarded for doing well at school. The little boy has his hands outstretched once he’s blindfolded, as he is clearly expecting her to hand something to him. Instead, Parker can be seen tiptoeing in behind Cash, ready to give him the surprise of his life.

Finally, Parker drops his Marine cap into Cash’s hands, and the little boy looks excited about the gift. It’s only when Kim points behind him that Cash turns around and sees his big brother. The little boy immediately started to cry as he jumped into Cash’s arms for a reunion that is touching the hearts of internet users everywhere.

“Parker and Cash are extremely close – they have always had a very special bond,” Kim said afterward. “It’s always heart-breaking to see them say goodbye and so very heart-warming every time there was a reunion. Cash was always too young to really understand why Parker had to leave and would be in tears.”

“When he finally turned around his reaction was priceless and even better than we imagined,” Kim added of the surprise. “My emotions were very high as well seeing the emotion between the two as they hugged. It was such a touching moment and a wonderful day.”

Videos like this serve as a reminder of how important it is for us to love and respect members of the military and their families. They make so many sacrifices for us, and they deserve our love and admiration in return!

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