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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have Christmas plans that don’t include his family. Instead, they will be in Los Angeles celebrating Archie’s first Christmas with Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will miss both of the Queen’s Christmas parties, adding fuel to rumors that Markle is causing division in the Royal Family.

Archie’s First Christmas

While married couples have to split time with family during the holidays, this appears to be something different.

Harry and Meghan were just in the United States in November for Thanksgiving. Now, they are returning to spend time with her mother.

Since this is Archie’s first Christmas, all eyes will be on them. Rather than having him at Buckingham Palace, they are whisking him away to California.

One of the events the Duke and Duchess are missing is the Christmas party with staff.

This party is a way to honor and celebrate with those whose job it is to support the Royal Family. Many of the members of the staff dedicate their entire lives to caring for the Royals. Rather than spending time with those who make their lives easier, Meghan and Harry have turned their backs.

The second party they are missing is the Queen’s Pre-Christmas lunch.

Prince Harry and Meghan have declared they are taking a six week break. Unfortunately, this timing coincides with the holidays when we spend the most time with family. They have chosen Tinseltown over Buckingham Palace for Archie’s first Christmas.

Meghan And Harry Snubbed Trump Too

This isn’t the only recent snub.

In fact, these will be the second and third events just this month they have missed. Meghan and Harry also skipped out Queen Elizabeth’s reception during the NATO Summit.

This was a big slap in the face as the Royals were hosting leaders, including President Donald Trump. Meghan and Harry couldn’t be bothered to rub elbows with world leaders.

Many wonder if they didn’t attend because Markle, who has been a liberal activist, wanted to avoid Trump. BACKSTORY: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Snub The American President – Won’t Attend Trump’s Buckingham Palace Visit

Meghan Markle As Yoko Ono

A palace insider has reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton are relieved that Harry and Meghan won’t be attending either event. Apparently, there is tension between the brothers since Harry married Markle.

Some have even drawn comparisons between Markle and Yoko Ono, John’s Lennon’s wife who is often credited with helping to break up The Beatles.

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