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Climate extremists are hard to follow. They tend to be consumed with outrage and emotion rather than facts. The more vocal and radical activists thrive on fear and scaring people. But, their premonitions never appear to come true. Instead, they pivot to another scare tactic with a different deadline. John Stossel took a look at some scientific data and used that to blow up popular climate change myths.

Extreme Climate Activism

Climate change activists have invaded many aspects of our lives.

To start, they infiltrated our educational system and indoctrinated our children. The theory of climate change is something that is not to be challenged. It’s become a bit of a religion to many people. They won’t even allow any debate.

Not too long ago it was called global warming. Since temperatures didn’t skyrocket during the given timeframe, they repackaged it as climate change.

Great Thunberg is a great example of this. The teen believes we are headed to “mass extinction” and “entire ecosystems are collapsing.”

Children are hearing this quite frequently and of course they react by becoming panicked. We live in a world where many people don’t want to hear different opinions.

Greta refuses to speak with those who aren’t panicked about the environment even those people who have scientific data that prove her wrong.

Who Is Pushing Climate Change?

Political climate extremists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden have proclaimed we only have twelve years left to save the earth. John Stossel calls this nonsense and points to scientific evidence to dispel their claims.

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He participated in a climate change debate at the Heartland Institute. They invited climate change activists to participate with the scientists.

All the liberals declined. They must not have wanted their viewpoints challenged  by actual scientific data. The event still happened just without representation from the climate change extremists.

Former president of the American Association of State Climatologists, Pat Michaels, smashed that through the twelve year threat.

“It’s warmed up around one degree Celsius since 1900, and life expectancy doubled, yet that temperature ticks up another half a degree and the entire system crashes? That’s the most absurd belief.”

Stossel explains that government is pushing the climate change movement for a very important reason – control.

This is a message that is not to be challenged, even by scientists, because it allows us to be controlled. Climate change activists want us to drastically change how we live. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is written proof of that.

Watch John Stossel Use Science To Quash Climate Change 

In the video below, Stossel and scientists detail how water levels have been rising for over 20,000 years, long before we had the cars that many activists say propel environmental changes.

They also debunk the myth that hurricanes have gotten more powerful in recent years because of climate change. Addressing yet another popular fear mongering tactic by radical activists – and media.

After you watch the video below, be sure to share it to let others know that science is not on the side of the climate extremists.

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