Enzo Amore and Baron Corbin

Since his release from the WWE, Enzo Amore has come out with countless stories about his time in the company. Still, the latest one is taking on ridiculous levels, as he claims the company fired him for farting. Yes, you read that right.

Enzo Amore Fired Because Of Baron Corbin Farting Incident?

Enzo Amore

When interviewed for Talk Is JerichoAmore recalled he was fired by the WWE before his high-profile permanent release from the company. The reason for his earlier release seems quite strange though, as he claims his fart was the cause for it.

During the interview, Amore recalls a morning promo class under the tutelage of Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes was known to train wrestlers for their promos and is remembered fondly by many wrestlers. During Baron Corbin’s promo, Amore raised his hand and farted as loud as he could. He was promptly fined $250 and then fired. However, he claims he got rehired the next day.

“One time in promo class with Dusty Rhodes, dude, Baron Corbin was up there cutting a promo and Baron Corbin was trying to get help and Dusty was helping him. I just raised my hand and everybody looked at me. And I just farted loud as hell. They fine[d] me $250 and fired me that night and then, I got back into work the next day and they rehired me.”

Did It Really Happen?

Enzo Amore

Whenever Enzo releases a story these days, I’m quite skeptical. After all, he tried to self-promote by attempting to hijack a pay-per-view and released a story that he was on his way back to the WWE. This was later denied by Triple H, who stated Enzo loves to release stories just to get attention.

I have serious doubts that the WWE would release someone for something that trivial. While I am sure he would have gotten a stern talk from one of the trainers, this story is almost too ridiculous to believe.

If it did happen, it is disrespectful if you ask me. It’s almost like primary school, where a teacher asks a question or feedback and a little child farts in response. I would not be willing to share this kind of story, but I guess that’s his persona. We don’t have to agree with it or like. In fact, I could leave this on the side quite easily.

What’s Enzo Doing Now?

Big Cass and Enzo Amore

For those of you who miss Enzo and Big Cass, there is some good news. The pair have recently resumed wrestling, despite the fact that Enzo stated he would not return to wrestling in a million years. They started wrestling for NEW (Northeast Wrestling) on June 15, 2019. They also made an appearance at Ring of Honor in 2019 at the G1 supercard. Enzo Amore currently wrestles under the name NZO and Big Cass under the name CaZXL.

NZO also released a rap album shortly after his release from the WWE in 2018. His first song Phoenix grabbed some media attention. He also released an album Rosemary’s Baby Pt. 1: Happy Birthday under the name nZo.