Antifa flag burning

An Antifa protest in Seattle over the weekend got heated when the masked leftists began taunting police. The police were protecting a group of patriotic Americans according to The Blaze. This is sad but not surprising given Antifa extremists have a history of violence. This angered the masked protesters who quickly increased the stakes against the police officers there who were protecting the public.

Antifa Burns Thin Blue Line Flag

Antifa protestors burned not only an American flag, but also a thin blue line flag that represents police officers killed in the line of duty.

The protesters don’t care that there is a crowd who could be burned by the fire. They are intent on stoking anger and hatred before returning to their mom’s basement.

These cowards cover their faces so nobody will be able to identify them – and so their mom’s can’t ground them.

Seattle has become a hotbed for Antifa. Like Portland, there isn’t a lot of respect for law enforcement who often are ordered not to enforce the laws these rioters break.

The police officers showed amazing restraint among the chaos. One did extinguish the flames but it’s very possible that someone could have gotten severely burned if he hadn’t. If someone was burned, of course these professional leftist aggravators would have found a way to blame the police for that too.

Antifa Video

Video of this encounter in the tweet belong from journalists Andy Ngo, who covers Antifa, will infuriate you. Ngo knows about Antifa firsthand as they have beaten him while he was covering a protest.

These cretins will attack police, journalists, or anyone who gets in their way.

This video shows just a sliver of the abuse our police officers have to take at the hands of these leftwing radicals. You will see a woman in pink rush the police line only to be pushed back.

Be prepared to hear some disgusting language.

You’ll notice Antifa protesters prominently display a Soviet flag. They clearly don’t understand that the Communist countries are under a police state.

What a bunch of morons to protest the police in support of a Communist police state!


Seattle wasn’t the only city in Washington state where these radical Antifa protests occurred over the weekend. Olympia also rolled out the red carpet for these masked intruders.

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It’s time for them to return to their mom’s basements!

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