WWE Fiddles With Audio Again + Cody Rhodes Suffers Another Injury

The WWE allegedly messed around with Raw's audio again + Cody Rhodes has suffered an additional injury at AEW's Full Gear show.

The WWE has a history of messing around with fan audio, especially when Roman Reigns was involved. It seems like the company has done it again though, as fans accuse the WWE of fiddling with the Seth Rollins audio. In other news, Cody Rhodes has not been cleared to wrestle after AEW Full Gear.

Fan Frustration As WWE Changes Boos Into Cheers

Seth Rollins WWE

Seth Rollins Raw segment was characterized by lots of boos this week. However, this was not noticed by viewers at home, as the WWE allegedly messed with the audio. If accurate, it would not be the first time that the company messes around with audio. In the past, the same happened for Roman Reigns.

The episode of Monday Night Raw was pre-taped on Friday in Manchester. Evidently, this means the WWE had time to fiddle around with the audio, something they are now accused of. Fans in attendance claim that there were loads of boos when Seth Rollins claimed he was the best wrestler around. However, no trace of these boos were noticable during Raw.

In addition to the Seth Rollins segment, fans claim that audio was adjusted for Lana’s segment too. While you would think the company wants her to be booed, it seems the amount of boos did not agree with the WWE’s intentions. To prove a point, several fans have uploaded video to their social media, which reflects how the arena really sounded like.

So, has the WWE adjusted the audio? It is likely. Does it do the brand any favors? No, it creates distrust in the WWE and lots of scepticism among fans for future storylines. Hopefully, they will not repeat the same mistake they have made a million times before.

Cody Rhodes Suffers Another Injury from AEW Full Gear Participation

Cody Rhodes
Image Credit: provided via aew

The severe nature of the AEW Full Gear match that involved Cody Rhodes has been widely discussed. Despite his efforts, the AEW frontman failed to get the AEW World Title at Full Gear and cannot challenge for it in the nearby future.

Initially, it was believed that Cody Rhodes suffered a facial contusion alone. However, Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that his injuries could be more than first thought.

According to Meltzer, Rhodes also suffered a separated rib during the title match. As you may have guessed, a separated rib is quite a serious injury and can take up to two months to heal properly. Unfortunately, this could mean Cody Rhodes will be out of action for some time to come if the injury stories are true.

Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest wrestling names in AEW, so it remains to be seen if his absence will affect the brand badly. That being said, other big names are associated with AEW; this includes names such as Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) and Kenny Omega. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that the injury of Cody Rhodes will influence the brand. On the flipside, it could give some of the mid-card wrestlers a big opportunity in the months to come.

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