'Fox News' Host Neil Cavuto Reveals The Thanksgiving Dish He Calls The 'Most Loathsome Food On The Planet'

Neil Cavuto is known for being one of the most popular hosts on Fox News, but it’s rare that he gives fans insight into his personal life. That’s why it came as a welcome surprise when Cavuto recently opened up about some of his favorite family Thanksgiving memories, and he even revealed the one dish that he just “can’t stand.”

Neil Cavuto’s Mom Loved Experimenting With Recipes

Cavuto described his mother as a passionate cook who loved trying out new recipes in the kitchen. While Cavuto appreciated this about her, he also felt that the Thanksgiving feast “should not be a time for new things.”

“One particular Thanksgiving, [my mother] thought it would be a good idea to put an orange at the base of the turkey… It looks very nice in a gourmet magazine, but the trouble with that, is that everything tastes like an orange!” he said. “The meat, the turkey — anything that comes within a 30-mile radius of it.”

The longtime host remembers telling his mother, “You know… you’re a great cook but you don’t need to put the orange in the turkey thing.”

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Some Unusual Cavuto Family Thanksgiving Dishes

This wasn’t the only time his mother experimented over Thanksgiving.

“One year it was a pear,” Cavuto said. “A pear is a less obnoxious thing, but we would always kid her about easing up on trying to be Gourmet magazine.”

When asked about his favorite Thanksgiving dish, the “Your World with Neil Cavuto” had a clear answer ready.

“Stuffing. I love stuffing. Without the orange!” he joked. “But I love just basic stuffing.”

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Neil Cavuto Reveals His Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Cavuto was just as clear when asked about his least favorite Thanksgiving dish.

“My wife is a big believer in beets, loves beets. She makes beet salad, she’d add it to the stuffing…I can’t stand them,” he said. “I find them to be the most loathsome food on the planet. I would take 10 gallons of Brussel sprouts over beets, any day.”

Watch Neal Cavuto describe Thanksgiving with his family below.

Regardless of what they serve with the turkey, Cavuto most looks forward to the quality time with his loved ones at the Thanksgiving table.

“I put great stock in just being together…  It’s a great opportunity to just stop, just stop for a while,” he said. “No matter the venue, if you’re traveling or going out or eating at home… it’s just like it is for every American family – a chance to be together.

We hope Cavuto has a very good Thanksgiving, and that his wife doesn’t try to sneak in any beets this year!

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