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A shooter at an Oklahoma Walmart was stopped after a concealed carry holder intervened. It’s another story of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun.

Walmart Shooting

The Monday morning shooting occurred minutes before 10 a.m. at the Duncan, Oklahoma Walmart. Two people were shot and killed in their car after shopping inside the store. The shooter walked up to the victims’ car and fired through the windshield. It has been reported that an armed civilian then approached the shooter. When confronted, the shooter shot and killed himself. RELATED: Concealed Carry Holder Is Only One Man Enough To Help Cop In Danger

Imagine the terror from others in the Walmart parking lot who heard the shots and had no idea what was going on or what the shooter intended. There is the risk of not only being targeted by the gunman but also being hit by a stray bullet. Thankfully, a concealed carry holder acted quickly.

Watch the report from the news in the video below.


Just before 10 AM this morning, a man shot and killed a man and women in their parked vehicle. The shooting took place in a Walmart parking lot in Duncan, Oklahoma. It is reported that the woman was the shooter’s estranged wife, and the man she was with was her new boyfriend.

One witness is reported to have heard nine shots. It seems that there six or seven bullet holes in the windshield. The same witness also said that an armed citizen confronted the shooter, putting a gun to his head and demanding that he stop shooting. The shooter then turned his gun on himself, committing suicide.

Shooter Stopped By Concealed Carry Holder

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford confirmed that three people were dead at a press conference following the Monday shooting. He also stated that the two victims had been inside Walmart and the female was employed at the store. The store reportedly remained open following the shooting. RELATED: South Carolina Man STOPPED A Shooter and Exposed The Leftist Lie on Gun Control

It is absolutely terrifying that anyone died, but it appears the armed civilian helped stop this from becoming catastrophic. While it is possible the gunman was there to only to target these two people, it’s also plausible that he could have gotten caught up in his rage and harmed others.

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