Seth Rollins Challenges CM Punk, Hogan Mania Match, NXT Tops AEW

The fresh feud between Seth Rollins and CM Punk just got a lot more interesting. Could we see Hulk Hogan wrestling again? And NXT tops AEW!

Seth Rollins Challenges CM Punk To WrestleMania Match

Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins

Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it?

Just the other day, we covered the sparring happening between current WWE Superstar Seth Rollins and former Superstar-turned-Backstage-commentator CM Punk, via Twitter.

At the time, the easy and obvious speculation was that this could all be part of the plan, and that while Punk was signed by Fox, not WWE, this could easily lead to an in ring return-should the Straight Edge Superstar desire that.

While Punk hasn’t said that’s what he wants, Seth Rollins just slammed the door open in a major way.

Rollins was doing a radio interview in Chicago, ahead of this weekend’s Survivor Series fun, and while on WKXQ, Rollins challenged Punk to a match at WrestleMania.

Well, that’s certainly one way to deal with their escalating online beef. No word on a response, if any, from Punk, but fans had fun with it…

Hulk Hogan Wants Another WrestleMania Match

Ric Flair Challenges Hulk Hogan
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While many fans probably would want, or would love, a Rollins-Punk match…they may not want this one.

Apparently, Hulk Hogan is lobbying hard for a WrestleMania match. 

That Hogan would want to be involved isn’t terribly shocking. He has been happy to be back since he was briefly banned, and has been a feature of some of the major overseas shows recently. There’s also the fact that Hogan has called the Tampa area home for a while, and next year that’s where WrestleMania will be.

Time will tell if he gets what he wants. One thing is certain-even though he’s far out of his prime, Hogan is still very much a draw, and if Vince has concerns about ticket sales, Vince will do what he has to do to ensure butts are in seats in Tampa.

NXT Defeats AEW Dynamite For First Time

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For those that have been watching this latest iteration of a “Wrestling War”, you may know that since they debuted, AEW Dynamite has always topped NXT when they’ve gone head to head.

Until now.

According to the initial Nielsen figures, NXT had over 20,000 more cable viewers this week than did AEW.

This is encouraging news for NXT, but it’s at least worth asking: how much of this bump can is because of the ongoing “Invasion” angle. If viewership drops in the next couple weeks, we may have our answer.

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