The Surprising Reason Why Bayley Does Not Wear The SmackDown Belt

Some observant fans have noticed that Bayley never wears the SmackDown belt around her waist. But, there is a strong reason why!

Fans have been speculating for weeks why Bayley does not wear the SmackDown title belt around her waist. And, it would seem like one observant fan has come up with the answer!

Bayley Could Spell AEW With the SmackDown Belt!

Bayley with the SmackDown Women's Championship

An amazing theory about the women’s belt was revealed on Reddit by a user called u/HeLL_BrYnger. Even though I’ve seen some crackpot theories about Bayley’s belt recently, this is the one that stood out to me. Frankly, it could be spot on.

According to the Reddit fan, the current champion is not wearing the SmackDown belt around her waist because of the WWE-AEW feud. When you look at her new ring attire, it spells AE vertically. Add the belt below it and you get AEW. You cannot get better advertisement for a rival brand than that!

Could the WWE really be that petty you may wonder? Of course they can! Just look at the history of the company and the petty rules that are often implemented by the chairman Vince McMahon. So, no matter how ridiculous this theory may sound, it could actually be the case.

Bayley’s Transformation

Bayley the SmackDown Women's Champion

Putting aside the belt theory for a moment, I have to mention how impressed I’ve been with Bayley lately. While there was never any doubt that she is a fantastic wrestler, her NXT in-ring character never did her any favors on the main roster. While she did have a championship reign as the Raw women’s champion, nobody really took her seriously enough.

The Hugger’s transformation has done wonders for her and her status within the WWE. Even though it may have been a bad thing for the youngest female fans of the WWE, it is something that she desperately needed.

When Banks and The Hugger joined forces, it was easy for Sasha to overshadow her friend. While that was never her intention, The Boss character undoubtedly had the strength and charisma the The Hugger character never had. Unfortunately, those who knew Bayley from NXT knew what she was capable of doing. Yet, she never got a real opportunity to outshine Banks.

Since her transformation, I think she has restored the status she enjoyed in NXT. While it did take some time for the WWE Universe to accept the new status quo, she has done well.

Championships to Rival Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch?

Becky Lynch

Being in the position she is now, Bayley has some great opportunities ahead of her. If she doesn’t get injured in the near future, she can start racking up title reigns. While Becky has been a dominant champion, Charlotte has been the woman with the most title reigns. Now Bayley can start building the legacy that will land her in the Hall of Fame one day.

The beauty about Bayley’s transformation is that there are many feuds for her in the future. After all, her character is completely new and different. She can have feuds with each of the four horsewomen again. She can also become a dominant champion and nobody would mind. So, wearing the belt or not, Bayley as a champion is a good thing.

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