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Two North Carolina fast food employees are out of a job after being fired for denying service to a police officer. The Cook Out franchise in Roxboro quickly fired both the cashier who refused to take the cop’s order and the store manager as well. This restaurant is not about to tolerate a police officer being treated poorly.

Police Officer Denied Service At Cook Out Restaurant

News spread quickly online after the way Army veteran and police officer Sgt. Kenneth Horton was treated at the Roxboro Cook Out last week.

Roxboro Police Chief David Hess stated that the department did not request for the restaurant to take action, but that didn’t stop the fast food chain from quickly canning two of its employees.

The public relations backlash would have been a nightmare and the restaurant was right to terminate not one but two employees. Especially given the manager is ultimately responsible for what happens at her restaurant. And she was present but did not correct the issue.

“We’re saddened that an employee denied service to a police officer. We promote unity,” Hess stated. “Unfortunately, it’s all because of a small action that could have been avoided.”

Supporting Police And Military Veterans

Cook Out’s upper management is being applauded for acting so swiftly.

On Veterans Day, the fast food chain also tweeted support of those who serve in the military, like Sgt. Horton. They want the public to know that military and police officers can expect to be treated well in their restaurants. If there is a problem, there will be a swift resolution.

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What Happened at the Roxboro Cook Out

The cashier was fired for her direct treatment of the police officer. Here’s how it went down.

Sgt. Horton was trying to order a meal when the cashier abruptly walked away from him after noticing he was a cop. The cashier then asked another employee to serve Horton because she was refusing to do her job.

Disgusted, Sgt. Horton left the building.

Ultimately, Roxboro Cook Out manager Taren Woods did nothing to stop this shameful disservice.

Police officers risk their lives to protect the public. They should never have to worry about being denied service anywhere!

Cook Out Manager Defends Her Inaction

In an interview with a local television station, Woods cluelessly said there were other options for the police officer. She then went on to say that another employee could have served him.

But, that’s the not the point. What does this “manager” not understand about customer service? And dignity? And respect?

Imagine the complete outrage if someone hadn’t been served because of the color of his skin. It’s simply not an option to refuse service in this manner but that lesson appears to still be lost on the manager.

Woods was unable to understand why this was unacceptable. Instead of having sympathy for the police officer, she could only focus on herself.

“It is frustrating because it’s a lie,” the fired manager said. “And they got all this stuff stirred up. And I lost my job and I got four kids and it’s Christmas time. So yeah, that’s not fair at all.”

Woods worked at Cook Out for 10 years. She should have known this wasn’t acceptable. Her arrogance makes me wonder how many other times something like this happened on her watch.

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More information and Woods’ clueless interview can be seen in the video below.

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