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In what can only be described as outrageous contempt for police, a uniformed officer was denied service at a Virginia McDonald’s, even after he paid for his food.

Scott Naff, an officer with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, paid for his meal in the drive-thru but when he went to the next window to get his food, the employee told him, “I ain’t serving no police.”

Naff’s wife was so outraged that she posted about the incident on Facebook. The employee apparently told co-workers and the manager that he wouldn’t serve police officers. Her post went viral causing a big headache for the fast food franchise.

My husband just got home from working a 13 hour day to share a story with me that has left me completely shocked. …

Posted by Cathy Bishop Naff on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Apparently the employee was fired after Naff complained to McDonald’s corporate office, but it sounds like more action needs to be taken against other employees and possibly even the manager who didn’t step up to the plate to properly give the officer his food. More information is in the video below.

We must demand that our police officers be treated with the respect they deserve. They are under assault on a daily basis. They are targeted because of the uniform they wear to protect us. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with them against this abuse.

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Source: Fox News

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