Collin and Hannah Appear to Be Thriving Away From Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin furious Kate defies order by filming children on TLC "Kate Plus 8"
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Proud dad Jon Gosselin shared a first day of school photo of Hannah and Collin that is very reflective of the journey this family has faced. Jon has custody of two of the septuplets while the other four remain with Kate.

Years fly by quickly and back to school pictures are a good marker of the years that roll along. Many of us were introduced to the Gosselin septuplets on “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” when they were just babies. Now, those six babies are in high school.

Jon’s Custody Battle for Hannah and Collin

Years ago, Kate sent Collin to a special needs school without telling Jon where his son even was. Jon fought for Collin and eventually got custody. Later, Hannah made it known that she wanted to live with her father as well. Jon has made it well known that Kate has caused a lot of custody issues that have undermined Jon’s role as a father. (RELATED: Kate Gosselin Misses Court and Loses Custody of Son to Jon)

So, this first day of school photo is quite monumental for Jon. He doesn’t have all six of kids on this big day, but he has Collin and Hannah and that is a victory. He shared the photo on Instagram wishing all the kids a great school year.

“FRESHMAN!!! 9th Grade Wow!!! I can’t believe it!!! Good luck to Hannah and Collin this year!!!” Jon gushed to his followers. “Today is their first day of high school!!!! I hope all my kids have a wonderful year in high school this year and have great experiences!!! Love all of you!!!”

Jon also shared a lovely photo from the septuplets’ 15th birthday. Jon couldn’t be with all of them this spring to celebrate, but he honored the occasion by sharing a picture with Hannah and Collin on the big day.

Jon and Kate’s oldest two daughters, Mady and Cara, have moved to New York City to attend different schools. Kate now has just four children living with her, half of the original brood.

Kate Didn’t Share a First Day of High School Photo

Many fans who watched these kids grow up were hoping that Kate would share a first day of high school photo of Alexia, Aaden, Joel, and Leah. She did not though and some fans took to her Instagram account to express their displeasure. (RELATED: Kate Gosselin Hits The Dating Scene In New Reality Show)

“Post back to school pics! ? The 6 going to high school we can’t miss that milestone,” one follower replied to Kate’s last post from July regarding a date she filmed for her show “Kate Plus Date.”

This family still is very fractured by what appears to be a canyon between Jon and Kate’s houses. Despite the differences, it is an exciting time for the septuplets as they start high school.

Below is a video of the Gosselin kids getting ready to return to school a handful of years ago. Much has changed since then.