Bray Wyatt Talks Change + AJ Lee Speaks + More Title Updates?

Bray Wyatt defends new look championship as fans aren't all in love with the blue belt. CM Punk's wife has fun on twitter, and are we getting more new belts

Bray Wyatt Defends Universal Title Color Change

New Championship Belt On SmackDown +Why Was Bayley On NXT
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Hopefully by now you’ve noticed, the Universal Championship has changed colors.

The big reveal happened Friday night during SmackDown. Bray Wyatt, on a Firefly Funhouse segment, observed that something didn’t seem quite right about his newly won championship, and then we saw the belt change from red to blue.

The change makes sense when considering the brand’s primary color is blue, and is referred to as the blue brand regularly. Also, other major belts carry a blue theming.

However, as The Fiend is Bray, we get subjected to a (terrible) red light bathing arenas during those matches. So, some fans sounded off about how the title should have remained red, either to match Bray’s aesthetic, or just because it seemed like a lazy change.

Wyatt, for his part, fired back on social media that if his son was down with the color change, fans should get on board.


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Knash says he likes the blue title, so shut the hell up about it.

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While the blue belt makes so much sense, some fans did offer up intriguing alternatives, if only WWE allowed Superstar-specific belts once more (the Daniel Bryan eco-belt notwithstanding).

AJ Lee Speaks After CM Punk Debuts On Backstage

CM Punk
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The biggest news last week had to be CM Punk making a surprise debut on FS1 last week as WWE Backstage was signing off for the evening.

While we knew Punk had done screen tests for the show, it seemed that once the show debuted without the popular Punk, that things were not happening.

Now that he’s on air, and will be appearing tomorrow, his wife took to social media to have a little fun with things.

Are More Title Updates Coming?

New Championship Belt On SmackDown +Why Was Bayley On NXT
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WWE dropped one updated championship on us last Friday, as we got the long-awaited and much-rumored blue color scheme for the main title belt of SmackDown. The old WWE Championship, which is now on RAW, is black.

According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, the SmackDown-based Universal Championship is not the only title with a facelift in the works.

Now, there aren’t many other options to change on the brand, but it will be interesting to see if we get another redesigned belt sooner than later.

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