Backstage Raw In Turmoil After Saudi + Paige May Manage Nia Jax

The Raw locker room was in turmoil this week after the Saudi Arabia incident + Paige might become Nia Jax' manager in the future.

As expected, there was some fallout from the Saudi Arabia plane incident in the Raw locker room on Monday. Seth Rollins allegedly spoke to the locker room, with many disgruntled superstars, something he has denied several times on social media. In other news, Paige may manage Nia Jax after several twitter messages.

Meeting Called Before Raw To Keep Superstars In Line?

Seth Rollins' Rah Rah Speech

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that a meeting was held at 3 p.m. ET with talent before Monday Night Raw. He claims the locker room had a meeting to get their stories straight about the Saudi Arabia plane incident, and that Seth Rollins head the charge.

According to Meltzer, Rollins gave a so-called “Rah-Rah speech” in the locker room, telling talent to keep the details about the incident in house. Sources claim Rusev tried to say something during the meeting, but was unsuccessful. Another source claims that Randy Orton made a joke about the incident. Other than that, nothing was really resolved for the talent.

It is important to mention that Seth Rollins has vehemently denied the rumors about the locker room meeting. In fact, he even updated his Twitter status to attack Dave Meltzer’s “misinformation”.

So, Dave Meltzer is in hot water with Seth Rollins at the moment. So, despite the story about a backstage meeting, Rollins had denied the incident ever took place before, during, or after Raw. As there is no evidence to the contrary at the moment, I would have to go with Rollins’ statement.

Much like the plane incident in Saudi Arabia, it is very difficult to see the truth behind all the rumors. It is also easy to doubt the official statement about the incident when you consider the tweets by talent at the time. Nevertheless, there is no real evidence to prove the contrary. For now, all we have are the official statements from the WWE. So, that is what we are going with until there is evidence that points to something else.

Paige Wants To Manage Nia Jax

Paige Wants To Manage Nia Jax

Paige and Nia Jax have become friends during their stint on Total Divas. Now, it would seem their connection could also become a professional one, as Nia Jax asked Paige to be her manager on social media.

I have no doubt that this began as a joke, but actually turned into a good idea. The conversation started on social media, when Paige mentioned she would love to manage Nia Jax. Then, Nia Jax responded by saying “Manage Me!!!”

As expected, fans are quite excited about the idea of Paige becoming Nia’s manager. Paige has not been on WWE television a lot, and having her as Nia’s permanent manager would give her more TV time. Here are some of the most notable reactions from fans.

So, with the majority of fans on board, the question is if the WWE will like the idea. Nia and Paige would be a good combo, especially with Paige’s amazing mic skills and her status among fans. Let’s see if the WWE will run with this or not.

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