Even though AEW has beaten NXT in the ratings with a massive difference over the past couple of weeks, things might be taking a turn. This week, AEW barely beats NXT which stands in stark contrast with the huge ratings differences they had before.

Minor 1.1% Difference Between NXT and AEW

Cody Rhodes

AEW has beaten NXT now for weeks in a row, but it seems like that could all change very soon. This week, Dynamite on TNT drew a handsome 822,000 viewers, while NXT drew 813,000 on USA Network. So, is AEW doing worse or is NXT doing better?

Looking at the numbers over the past couple of weeks, it seems like WWE’s developmental brand is doing a lot better. In fact, they had their best viewership rating since the premiere of the brand on USA Network on October 2nd. The recent announcement of the first women’s War Games could be one explanation.

We do need to mention that AEW is not necessarily doing worse, especially when you consider that the brand only drew 789,000 viewers last week compared to the 580,000 for NXT. So, it seems like both brands are doing better in the ratings.

The Best Wrestling Brands Today?

NXT War Games

Many die-hard wrestling fans will argue that the two brands provide some of the best wrestling television of the modern era. Out of all the brands available, NXT and AEW seem to attract the die-hard wrestling fans. As the brands are characterised by some amazing wrestling and less obvious scripting than brands such as SmackDown and Raw, it seems that these factors are a major attraction for fans.

SmackDown and Raw may be considered the main roster attractions where wrestling is concerned, but die-hard wrestling fans do not seem to agree. There is a big open market for AEW at the moment and NXT is the only one who seems to be able to compete.

The Future for the Wrestling War?

15 Of The Most Unexpected Heel Turns In Pro Wrestling

The numbers have been quite erratic for both brands. There are also other sports to compete with, which can take place at the same time including NBA games. Because of the unusual numbers over the past couple of weeks, it is difficult to determine which brand is getting the upper hand.

Even though the numbers are quite difficult to interpret, we can say that the WWE have enjoyed a slight increase for their developmental brand for the first time since their launch. Since the launch of USA Network, NXT continued to lose viewers until November 6th. AEW seemed to gain as well, so it seems that both brands are doing something right. Of course, we must also consider the amount of competition last week, which was less than previous weeks.

So, neither brand is really getting the upper hand so far. They are neck and neck at the moment and it does not look like this is going to change anytime soon. It is a brilliant time to be wrestling fan, no matter if you support a particular brand or both at the same time!

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