Will CM Punk Return + Is Cain Velazquez Coming To WWE?

Another day, another "will CM Punk be back in WWE" question. There's a lot of smoke here, so could things be happening? Also, will Cain Velazquez join WWE?

Will CM Punk Return To WWE?

-In what has been one of the most present questions since he left WWE years ago, it seems to never go away. Will CM Punk return to WWE?

While some of these questions may have quieted over the years, partly due to the legal issues between Punk and WWE, and more recently because there’s also AEW to consider…the chants have never gone away.

Things have only intensified of late. Recently, reports indicated that CM Punk was one of a handful of people to test and interview for a spot on the new Fox studio show for WWE, being hosted by Renee Young.

On top of that, Punk went on the record recently as saying he wouldn’t not take a call from WWE, should they be interested in reaching out as it pertains to a future opportunity.

All that makes it sound like the door is a lot less closed than it used to be.

Now, WrestleVotes is chiming in. They report that a Punk return is not imminent (as in, don’t expect him Friday), but it’s probably only a matter of when. They believe that the Straight Edge Superstar will return to WWE at some point in the future.

If and when Punk returns…what happens to all those fans who chanted for his return? What will they chant then?

Is Cain Velazquez Coming To WWE?

-In my RAW Nutshell, I commented that the Heyman backstage promo sure felt like it was setting up for something much bigger than a pending title match. I was not alone.

Per the Wrestling Observer, the feeling is that Heyman’s intense but vague promo was indeed geared toward a possible future clash with the former UFC heavyweight star.

At this point, however, Velazquez is not signed with WWE. He also has interest from several companies, so he will get to pick his next gig.

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