Possible Paul Heyman Draft Picks + New Program For Becky Lynch?

With the draft beginning on Friday, we have a couple names Paul Heyman might want on RAW. Also, with Sasha Banks injured, who's next for Becky?

Who Might Paul Heyman Like For Upcoming WWE Draft?

-With the latest WWE Draft almost upon us-it begins this Friday on SmackDown-there is plenty of speculation in terms of which Superstars might land where. At least some of this speculation will be tied to the networks wanting to choose who is on their show, while some of it goes down to who is producing each weekly program.

For RAW, the man calling many of the shots (with Vince McMahon’s oversight, of course), is Paul Heyman.

Heyman has had influence over RAW since early in the summer, and for the most part his changes have gotten positive reviews. With the draft happening, there are rumblings of a couple names who could be seen as “Paul Heyman guys”, and they might surprise you.

Specifically, the Wrestling Observer reports that Heyman is rather high on Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy.

Both actually would be fine selections. Black was impressive during his NXT run, and during his initial call-up earlier this year, he continued to impress. He’s been underused lately, but perhaps if he’s selected onto RAW, and truly is liked by Heyman, we could see him get a better push.

As for Buddy Murphy? The former Cruiserweight Champion had an impressive run of quality matches not that long ago, battling Roman Reigns and others along the way. He has shown he can work with anyone, and work well…and that reminds me a lot of the talents Heyman loved to use when he ran ECW.

Will There Be A New Program For Becky Lynch?

-RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch defeated Sasha Banks at Hell In A Cell on Sunday. At the time, it was easy to imagine that, in spite of things starting with a cage match, this was just the beginning of a program for the pair.

Now, we are hearing that Banks left the PPV injured, though so far it has not reported to be that serious.

Still, the Observer speculates that the Banks injury may lead WWE to pivot toward a different program for the current RAW Women’s Champion. That possible new pairing? Asuka.

Lynch, along with Charlotte, did battle Asuka and her fellow Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane on RAW, and while Sane got the pin on Lynch, Asuka has history with Becky as well-something that Lynch alluded to in the pre-match promo she cut.

Seeing Asuka get a satisfying singles program would be great to see. The Japanese Superstar had an exceptional run in NXT, one that was promptly destroyed upon hitting her first major PPV singles match on the main roster.

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