NBA star forward LeBron James, days after taking sides with communist China, chose to SCREAM during the National Anthem on Lakers' Opening Night.

Is LeBron James attempting to be the Colin Kaepernick of the NBA? Mere days after Lebron’s controversial China comments, the Lakers star forward is taking heat for behavior some see as even more disrespectful than the failed former NFL 49ers quarterback. On NBA’s Opening Night, the self-loving hoopster decided to SCREAM at the top of his lungs during the National Anthem.

LeBron James Screams During National Anthem

The National Anthem means a lot to Americans. It stirs up patriotism and pride and allows us the opportunity to be grateful to live in the best country on earth. It is solemn to many of us.

LeBron James doesn’t agree. He felt the need to scream out his game war cry as the Anthem still played for NBA fans at the Lakers season opener against the Los Angeles Clippers.

ESPN, known for peppering in liberal causes and commentary among its sports broadcasting, didn’t take issue with LeBron’s disrespectful behavior. They actually tweeted the video below.

Rather than elevating him, ESPN only highlighted the fact that Lebron is a class fool. James has had a bad month and he made it worse by screaming during the National Anthem.

LeBron And China

LeBron often speaks out on behalf of American leftwing political causes and even endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The NBA superstar takes regular pot shots at President Trump but he really upped his liberal game by recently siding with Communists in China over patriots in Hong Kong and even free speech in the United States.

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When it came time to speak out against the brutal Chinese regime, LeBron’s message was to tell his fellow NBA players to shut up and focus on their paychecks.

Essentially, he bent down and kissed the ring of Chinese Communists.

Twitter Reactions

That led to some people believing that Lebron would have been respectful had the Chinese anthem been playing.

My Take

Colin Kapernick’s National Anthem protests helped put an end to his career. If LeBron wants to keep alienating fans, he might find a similar fate. Remember this? Colin Kaepernick Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary of Anthem Kneeling Protests

LeBron James had the nerve to refer to Donald Trump supporters as “uneducated,” but he is unable to thoughtfully make his case.

Instead, he has to call people names, try to get them to shut up (like when people speak out against China), or he just screams.

James’ schooling ended when he got his high school diploma at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. Perhaps he needs to return to school and take a Civics class and perhaps brush up on his manners as well.

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