Possible Co-Host Of WWE Backstage + New Stages For RAW and SmackDown?

WWE seems set to use Renee Young to host an FS1 studio show. She appears likely to have a co-host. Also, are RAW and SmackDown getting new stages?

Possible Co-Host For WWE Backstage On FS1

-All signs are pointing to Renee Young landing a gig on a new WWE-centric studio show on Fox’s FS1 network, once WWE fully enters into the new Fox relationship.

It seems, however, that Young will not be hosting this show solo.

There have been previous rumblings that WWE Legends and Hall of Famers were being considered for the other seat in the studio. One bigger name floating around was Booker T, who has done commentary as well as pre-PPV panels.

Now, per The Big Lead, there are a few more names to consider.

Edge and Christian have been discussed, as has Paige.

Paige alongside Renee Young would create and interesting dynamic, and could be good. Edge and Christian are well-known, and if anything you’d think that WWE would aim to keep the duo together for any future creative projects.

The new studio show is rumored to be debuting in early November, though once again, nothing has been confirmed thus far. With the SmackDown on Fox debut just a week from this Friday, we can expect to get more news soon enough.

Will RAW and SmackDown Be Getting New Stages?

-With SmackDown just about ready to move over to Fox, fans have been wondering what changes we can expect to see when the blue brand moves networks.

We’ve seen rumored new show graphics and heard of new music rumored, but until the show goes live on Friday, October 4th, we probably won’t know for sure.

That being said, WrestleVotes is now claiming that this week’s RAW and SmackDown will be the last shows using the current stages.

They go on to explain that next week, the RAW episode is being billed as the season premiere, and along with the new season will come a new stage.

For the Friday debut of SmackDown on Fox, fans can look forward to another new stage-this one supposedly unique from the RAW stage.

It will be interesting to see what changes are in store.

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