Edge Moving Toward Return + Cain Velasquez Surgery Concerns

Edge Could Be Moving Closer To Possible Return?

-Retired WWE Hall of Famer Edge might just be getting closer to some form of an in-ring return.

The former World Champion retired (way too soon) due to a neck injury. He has remained around WWE ever since, working on various projects and making the occasional on screen appearance. Fans will recall witnessing Edge actually getting to spear Elias at SummerSlam this past August.

It was that physicality that really began to get people buzzing about a possible return. Recent reports have lended some support to this, that Edge may be inching closer to being cleared for some additional physical interactions. 

PWInsider reported that Edge was just in Pittsburgh on “official WWE business”, but was also quick to point out that Doctor Joseph Maroon is based there, and could be providing a medical opinion on what the Superstar can, or cannot do, moving forward.

Considering how serious the injury was that caused Edge to relinquish the title and retire, we have to hope that whatever he chooses to do is best for his long-term health. While anyone who as seen him work might love more matches from the Rated-R Superstar, I bet we’d also prefer not to see him suffer a more severe injury.

Cain Velasquez Injury Comes With Surgery Concerns

-On the Friday debut of SmackDown on Fox, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez made his debut for WWE. 

While the appearance was a big one, and Velasquez sent Lesnar running, one could not help but notice that Cain was sporting a big knee brace.

Per the Wrestling Observer, this knee injury will require surgery in the near future. The issue? The severity of the injury, or the type of surgery and requisite rehab, is not yet completely known apparently.

It seems that WWE is poised to make official a Cain Velazquez-Brock Lesnar clash for the Crown Jewel event later this month (way to continue to de-value WrestleMania!), so it would seem that Velasquez could work through the injury in the short term.

However, the Observer continued to speculate that if Cain required any significant surgery, it’s probable that he would be out past WrestleMania. Without knowing the full diagnosis, something like an ACL injury typically sees a rehab of six to nine months at a minimum, with some athletes taking longer to return to full form. Six months from early November (assuming he has surgery following Crown Jewel) puts us basically into May, missing next year’s WrestleMania.

If that is true (and again, nothing has been said about it), that would be unfortunate to land such a big free agent and then not be able to leverage his arrival into a major match on the biggest show of the year.

Conversely, if Cain has toughed it out thus far, could he manage until after ‘Mania and then take time off for the surgery and recovery? Considering how big a signing he has to be viewed as, I’d imagine both he and WWE are exploring every possible angle so that they can get the most out of his arrival.

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