The primarily Democrat Washington D.C. city council introduced "emergency" legislation to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day at the last hour.

The Washington, D.C. city council changed the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Thursday. However, despite a whole year going by since the last Columbus Day, the almost exclusively Democrat city council passed the change under “emergency” legislation.

Emergency legislation

In this instance, passing a name change for a federal policy is ludicrous. Firstly, knowing something is going to happen like clockwork every year flies in the face of the meaning of “emergency.”

Certain members of the D.C. city council tried for five years to get Columbus Day changed and couldn’t through normal processes. But nowadays, apparently, if you can’t get what you want the proper way, you shove it through.

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Secondly, if honoring the contributions of indigenous people is so important to the D.C city council, passing “emergency” legislation certainly seems like they were an afterthought.

The emergency legislation shows the D.C. city council doesn’t care that much about honoring indigenous people. Not enough to deal with the issue outside of an 11th-hour change, anyway. As a result, they’ve proved they’re simply reacting to the woke outcries about Columbus Day that come every year.

And indigenous people certainly deserve better.

Indigenous Peoples Day

States like Vermont and the city of Washington D.C. say Indigenous Peoples’ Day is to “honor Indigenous People and their rich history and cultural contributions.”

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That’s all well and fine and certainly merits its own holiday. However, there are 364 other days to choose from. Why should America’s indigenous peoples get relegated to an “alternate” holiday?

And, as yet, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is not a federal holiday. Columbus Day is. The people who find celebrating the Italian explorer could choose to do something else or nothing at all. For instance, there’s always volunteering or driving for companies like Uber.

Italian-American heritage

Whether they realize it or not, by replacing Columbus Day they’re also diminishing the contributions of Italian Americans.

Cities like New York host Columbus Day parades to honor the area’s rich history of Italian immigrants and the culture they helped to shape.

It’s worth noting, even far-left Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrates his Italian heritage on Columbus Day.

“I think the day was made to honor Italian Americans,” de Blasio said in 2013. “My grandfather came to New York City and found in New York City the ability to achieve extraordinary things.”

“This is in essence what this day is about and what the American dream is about,” he continued. “And it’s what the dream of New York City is about. That each generation can do better.”

Certainly, Italian-Americans ought to retain the day honoring their contributions in America. Especially when Americans celebrate holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo every year.

At the same time, there’s no reason the United States shouldn’t establish Indigenous Peoples’ Day on its own day. Patching over Columbus Day certainly isn’t very respectful or honoring of Native Americans.

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