Columbus Day

Columbus Day has become an expendable holiday after liberal activists set their sights on the day honoring the most famous explorer. But, there is a major problem with this attack as this is the day many Italian-Americans celebrate their heritage.

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria brought the explorer and his crew to the Caribbean and he discovered the New World. Given that Columbus was Italian and October is Italian American Heritage Month, the second Monday in October is often used as a day to celebrate Italian culture.

A big attempt from activists to sanitize history has led to many cities axing the holiday honoring the explorer and opting to have Indigenous People’s Day instead. They cite that Columbus was a vicious man who led the charge to strip Native Americans of their land. This has angered many of us of Italian descent and puts some liberal politicians in delicate positions with voters in areas with many Americans from Italian families.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a far-left liberal. But, with half a million people typically attending the Columbus Day Parade in the Big Apple, he would have a hard time trashing or abandoning the Italian holiday. It would be a huge liability, particularly in an election year. He is often front and center at the large parade.

He’s not the only one. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s presence at the parade further reinforces the importance of celebrating Columbus Day in New York. The Mayor is almost always on a politically correct crusade, but even this Alinsky-ite knows that he can’t stomp on this day celebrating Italian-Americans and Christopher Columbus.

Politicians will sideline their agenda when its a political liability. In some areas, it’s acceptable to take aim at Columbus Day but in places like New York with a heavy concentration of Italian-Americans, walking in a parade is a must. Italians never forget who betray us and we show up to vote, too.

Video from the 2017 New York City Columbus Day Parade is below.

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