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Will Witt with Prager U went to Wake Forest University to get the opinions of students about Columbus Day. The responses highlight a huge generational gap and how little young adults know about the explorer and history.

Columbus Day has fallen prey to political correctness in recent years. Liberal cities throughout the country are declaring the man who discovered the New World to be a rotten soul who displaced Native Americans. These cities are trying to sanitize history by changing the day from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Prager U’s video is well timed to get the pulse of college students. Many of them proved they need to re-enroll in History class. Many of us grew up knowing that in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. These students missed that important memo.

While most of us knew Columbus’ ships were the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria, one student thinks Columbus came over on the Mayflower. Columbus had to discover the continent before the famous ship brought the Puritans to the shores of what is now New England in 1620.

These students want to abandon Columbus Day and give the land back to the Native Americans, but they don’t want to leave! It’s a foolish proposition to expel us from our land because today’s liberals are holding Christoper Columbus to today’s politically correct standards.

The video below will make you laugh at the stupidity and then weep that these are our future leaders!

History is important and shouldn’t be sanitized. Columbus Day is an important day for Italian-Americans. It is a day to celebrate the culture and achievements of Christopher Columbus and other Italians. Many Columbus Day parades across the country are a sense of pride to people of Italian descent. Abolishing this holiday is a slap in the face to that community.

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