Abby Huntsman called out Joy Behar on 'The View' Tuesday for trying to guilt-trip America into accepting the Left's climate change agenda.

The panel on the ABC talk show “The View” turned into utter chaos once again when hosts Abby Huntsman and Joy Behar went head to head on the topic of climate change. Huntsman called out Behar for the manipulative tactics we so often see wielded by Liberals.

‘The View’ On Climate Change

Fox News reported that things got messy on the show when Huntsman accused Behar of trying to guilt-trip people into supporting the left’s climate change agenda. She said this after Behar went so far as to say that people who don’t believe in climate change don’t care about their grandchildren.

“Some of these people who are denying climate change — they’re going to be dead and they don’t care apparently about their grandchildren. They only care about their 401k’s,” Behar said.

Huntsman, however, was not having any of it. The host argued that it’s not “fair to say that they don’t care about their own grandkids.”

“That’s what it looks like to me,” Behar fired back as tempers flared.

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Huntsman Condemns Behar On ‘The View’

“Do you motivate people by saying, we got to better the environment or do you motivate them by saying,‘you know what, people are going to die in ten years anyway, you know what, stop having all kids. Let’s not think about having kids anymore!’” Huntsman said. Seemingly referring to comments made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has said that she might not want to have children at all because of climate change.

Arguably the most outspoken liberal host of ‘The View’, Behar later indicated that she would continue “guilt-tripping” people over the issue.

“Guilt-tripping might work,” Behar said as she stood by her statement accusing climate change-deniers of not caring about their grandkids. Huntsman then pointed out that all Behar was doing was preventing people from having a “rational conversation” on the topic by instead taking shots at people’s relationships with their family members.

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“And that grandparents don’t love their grandchildren? Do you understand how that sounds to people when they want to have a rational conversation about climate change and you say, you know what, grandparents, you don’t love your grandchildren enough?” Huntsman asked, clearly disgusted by Behar’s comments.

Liberals Don’t Want A ‘Rational Conversation’ On Climate Change

Of course, liberals like Behar have no interest in having a “rational conversation” about anything with people who disagree with them. Instead, they would rather bully conservatives into staying silent. And they aren’t above taking below the belt digs at our familial relationships to make that happen.