Comedian Chelsea Handler And Joy Behar Bash Conservative Women & Their ‘White Privilege’ On ‘The View’

Joy Behar and Chelsea Handler discussed the topic of white privilege when the comedian appeared on "The View" to promote her new Netflix documentary.

Failed comedian Chelsea Handler appeared on “The View” this week to promote her new Netflix documentary “Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea”. The documentary tackles (you guessed it) white privilege. Handler whined that she needed “therapy” just to talk to the four conservative women she briefly featured in her movie. Unsurprisingly, cohost Joy Behar could not wait to agree with her, adding that the conservative women should keep their mouths shut.

Handler Needed ‘Therapy’ Just to Face Conservatives

Daily Mail reported that cohost Sunny Hostin told Handler that she felt an interesting part of the documentary was when she talked to the four conservative women about their views on white privilege.

“I thought it was really interesting to just hear people say that because they felt that way,” she said.

Hostin went on to ask Handler how she reacted to that interview. That’s when the comedian showed how ignorant she really is.

“I had to do a lot of therapy to even have these conversations with people, because I have a temper and I’m reactive,” Handler said. “And when somebody’s annoying I want to tell them that they’re annoying or that they’re stupid.”

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Handler lives in such a liberal elite bubble that she sought THERAPY just to have a conservation with someone whose political views differ from her own. This kind of attitude has sadly become common among liberals today. Too many believe that conservatives are so “evil” that just having a simple conversation with them is “triggering.”

Joy Behar Flaunts Her Hypocrisy

It should come as no surprise that cohost Behar hopped right on Handler’s bandwagon. Behar insisted that conservative women should learn more about history of slavery and Jim Crow “before they open their mouths.” This statement is directly from the mouth of a woman who donned blackface and boasted on live television that she looked “so cute”. Of course, Behar received no backlash or repercussions from the Left for her behavior as we see time and again that Liberals give a pass to their own. Perhaps Behar should take some time for self-reflection before she tries to silence any person whose views differ from her own. [Read More: Joy Behar Remains Silent as Her Own Blackface Image Resurfaces]

We would also suggest that Behar and Handler learn their own history before they continue to blindly follow the Democratic Party wherever it goes. Back in the 19th century, the Democratic Party was a huge supporter of slavery, and it was actually the Republican Party who fought for the practice to end. Maybe Behar and Handler could crack a history book that hasn’t yet been rewritten by liberals. If that’s too much to ask, Leftists today are constantly saying that we should be apologizing for the sins of our ancestors. By that logic, shouldn’t liberals like Behar and Handler be the ones apologizing for the horrendous actions inflicted during the slavery era?

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Handler And Behar Are Ignorant

In the end, the only people who came out of this looking ignorant were Handler and Behar. The two of them don’t know a thing about our nation’s history, and frankly, they don’t care about it either. Instead, all they care about is spouting as much deranged leftwing rhetoric as they can in the hopes that it will bring down Donald Trump. We can’t let them succeed in doing this.

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