Next Victim For The Fiend + Reason For Odd NXT Schedule?

Who’s Next For The Fiend?

-Bray Wyatt’s new and scary alter ego, The Fiend, has been destroying legends at an alarming rate since he debuted. He has apparently parlayed his return into a Universal Championship opportunity at Hell In A Cell next month.

We may not have to wait that long to find out who The Fiend claims as his next victim, however.

Bray Wyatt posted this perhaps not-so-cryptic tweet, and the fans have had a field day reading into it.

The rattlesnake could just be a reference to a type of snake. That being said, tonight’s RAW from Madison Square Garden (the first RAW from the Garden in a long time), does feature The Texas Rattlesnake, Steve Austin, presiding over the contract signing between Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins.

As in, two men, one of whom will be Wyatt’s opponent in a month.

With WWE seeking to pull off a big show in New York, having The Fiend lay out such a legend as Austin certainly could go a long way.

We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

NXT Has Weird Early USA Schedule

-Much has been said about NXT’s move to a live, two hour show. The third WWE brand will debut on USA Network next Wednesday. However, the initial shows will not air both hours on USA.

Instead, for the first couple weeks, the second hour of NXT will air on the WWE Network.

PWInsider reports the reason is actually simple enough. The USA Network has an established show (Suits) which is concluding it’s final season. The show airs in the hour two timeslot, but since it is nearly done, there’s no point in moving things now.

As for why WWE opted to go live on September 18, as opposed to waiting until the full two hour slot was free, part of this no doubt is Vince wanting to beat AEW to the time and date. The rest likely was tied to NXT tapings, which now are no longer a thing since the show is going to be live.