Goldberg And Dolph Ziggler Altercation + AEW’s Second TV Show

The feud between Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler is heating up, while AEW is currently having talks for a second weekly TV show on TNT!

The altercation between Dolph Ziggler and Goldberg has heated up, with many fans speculating about the potential reason for the feud. Busy times are ahead for AEW too, as they are currently in talks to get another weekly television show.

Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler’s Las Vegas Altercation

Ziggler and Goldberg had an altercation in Las Vegas recently, where Ziggler called Goldberg a “dips—“. Later, the video of the altercation was posted on Goldberg’s instagram account.

” dipsh*t took a break from ruining wrestling to ruin my night off. I’m not interested. get a hobby or go fishing or something. Maybe you can do that without getting hurt. no other warning or comments on this, from me. Thanks.” – Ziggler

The recent argument between Goldberg and Ziggler is likely a work. After all, it is not a coincidence that the video of the altercation popped up on one of the wrestler’s instagram account. It is therefore likely that the two are building up to an in-ring feud for a nearby pay-per-view.

Feuds often start on social media or with an altercation “coincidently” caught on tape. In most cases, it turns out to be a work. Very rarely will fans spot a genuine feud on social media. After all, the WWE pays a lot of attention to the way their wrestlers behave in public. Each wrestler needs to be on their best behavior, as they represent the company at all times. Of course, this does not stop incidents completely, just think about recent events involving Alicia Fox and Lars Sullivan. Still, as Ziggler is not known to put such things on social media and act in that manner, it is likely that the feud between himself and Goldberg is a big work in the runup to some in-ring storyline. You do have to wonder however, as Ziggler is part of a tag team, will the match take place in a tag team setting? Or are there other plans in the works for Dolph? Time will tell!

AEW Getting Second Television Show?


AEW is doing well in terms of business, especially with the recent news that the company is currently having talks to get a second television show during the week.

During a recent interview, AEW’s vice president Cody Rhodes mentioned that there could come a third hour of weekly AEW content; this would air on on B/R Live. Even though it is currently unclear if the third hour would involve more wrestling, or outside the ring content. Either way, this is excellent news for the upcoming promotion.

Even though NXT is still going strong, many fans are fearful of the upcoming shakeup. It is believed that many of the best competitors on NXT could end up on the main roster, while some of the main roster superstars could end up on NXT. With the future of NXT being quite unclear, it only plays in the benefit of AEW. Either way, both brands could coexist and we can enjoy some prime wrestling in the months to come.

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