Beth Dog Chapman racist
Beth Dog Chapman racist

Fans of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” know that Dog and Beth were closer than the average couple. Not only were they married, but they worked together too. These lovebirds always wanted to be together. After Beth’s death this summer, Dog is opening up even more about their relationship. New details he discussed reveal that they were even closer than most fans thought.

Only Prison Could Keep Dog and Beth Apart

Over the course of their 30 years together, Dog says he and his bride only spent one week apart.  And it was a rather extreme circumstance that prevented them from seeing each other. The only thing that separated them during their relationship was when the legendary bounty hunter was in a Mexican jail when he captured the Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster, who was wanted. Only prison kept these lovebirds apart. RELATED: Beth Chapman Chases Down Bad Guy Just Before Her Death In Epic New Clip

Dog said,“She wanted to be there all the time to make sure the stories I told her were true.” He went on,“She would not let me go anywhere by myself ever. She hung with me… I think out of the 30 plus years, there were maybe seven to eight days when we were apart during something–oh, when I was in jail in Mexico. That was the longest we were ever apart. Her being right by my side…was Beth and she wasn’t going to let cancer stop that. She was going out there with the family and with me.”

Beth was a vital part of the television series, but Dog says the show will continue after her death. He feels it is a way to honor Beth. She believed in their jobs of catching the bad guys and that work is going to carry on in her memory. RELATED: Dog the Bounty Hunter Admits How Badly He’s Struggling Without Beth

“Dog’s Most Wanted” Premieres Tonight

“[And] it’s in our blood,” Dog said about the latest series “Dog’s Most Wanted.” “We just love it. We love to do this. I’m so happy and I’m so proud. I love to entertain people and make them cry and laugh. It’s just in my DNA.”

“Dog’s Most Wanted” premieres tonight, September 4th at 9/8 on WGN. Beth will appear in this series as it was filmed while she was still battling throat cancer. Given the situation, it is likely this will be not only a high energy show, but a highly emotional one as well as viewers have their final goodbye to the most famous lady bounty hunter.

A trailer for “Dog’s Most Wanted” can be viewed below.



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