It’s been two months since Beth Chapman passed away at the age of 51 after a battle with throat cancer. Now, her husband Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is speaking out to admit that he is struggling without her.

Dog Struggles Without Beth

In a new interview with In Touch Magazine, Dog admitted that he never thought that he would be “this bad” at doing things without Beth. The 66-year-old bounty hunter said that he has even had trouble doing something as simple as his hair without her.

“David’s trying to help, poor David. He can’t do it. He’s not a girl,” Dog said of his long blond locks. “So do you know, it’s all crooked and s—t.”

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However, Dog’s hair is far from the toughest thing he has to deal with after losing the love of his life.

“When she was with me, I would say, ‘Get in there right now cause someday maybe she won’t be here,’” Dog confessed. “I would pick her kleenexes up off the floor and say, ‘someday these Kleenexes won’t be here.’ Now when I go in there and they’re not there I’m like ‘I told myself, so it’s okay. I told myself so.’ So I kind of prepared myself whether she prepared it or not to, you know, see what it could’ve been like.”

“Never did I think it’d be this bad,” he added of losing her.

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Dog Leans on His Family

Thankfully, Dog has the support of his family to get him through this difficult time.

“All the kids are getting along very good,” he said. “[Beth] said, ‘I hope that if I die, it brings the family back.’ ‘Cause they’re a normal family. They gripe about, ‘they got paid more than me. You love them more than me.’”

This comes as Dog is promoting his family’s new reality show “Dog’s Most Wanted,” which will chronicle Beth’s final months. It will air on WGN September 4th.

“We want to be truthful and show different sides,” an emotional Dog told Fox News. “We showed the real Chapman family. Each child takes it rough and each child is doing better. Allegedly time heals all wounds but I don’t know about this one.”

While it’s heartbreaking to see that Dog is struggling so much with Beth’s passing right now, we’re glad to see that he has the support of his family to get him through. It’s important for him to remember that Beth loved him dearly and would want him to get on with his life and be happy. Please keep Dog and the rest of the Chapman family in your thoughts and prayers.

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