Chris Jericho Loses AEW Title + WWE Announcer Pokes Fun?

Chris Jericho Loses AEW Championship

-If you missed it, Saturday was All Elite Wrestling’s latest PPV. On the big event from Chicago, the promotion made news by crowning their first ever AEW World Champion.

Chris Jericho defeated Hangman Page for the honor of being the first ever to hold the AEW top prize.

Jericho also has another first to go along with the new belt. First AEW superstar to have his championship belt stolen.

In news that was all over the Internet yesterday evening and this morning, it’s been reported that Jericho, following the event, made his way to Florida. While in the Sunshine State, the former Y2J made his way, in a limo, to a Longhorn Steakhouse (let that sentence sink in, two things you generally don’t expect to go together).

Jericho left his newly-won gold in the limo for his dining experience. Upon returning to the limo, he realized his AEW Championship had been stolen.

Chris Jericho released a statement over the situation:

While AEW does have a backup copy, you have to wonder what the person who stole it is expecting to gain from it. It’s a high profile item and it’s not as though you can throw it up on an auction site without tripping all sorts of red flags.

WWE Announcer Pokes Fun At Championship Loss?

-Last night during the SmackDown broadcast, Corey Graves appeared to take a shot at Jericho’s rough couple of days.

As Drake Maverick was walking up the ramp with his newly re-won 24/7 Championship, Graves quipped about Drake taking his wife in a limo to a chain restaurant. Fans took this as a shot at the AEW Champion.

Graves responded that it was not a shot, but perhaps just a friend poking fun at another friend’s bad luck.