Cheerleaders under fire by PC Police over Trump sign

A group of Arkansas high school cheerleaders are the latest target of the political correctness police and those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their crime was holding a banner with a play on words related to President Trump.

Cheerleaders: “Make America Great Again – Trump The Leopards”

The cheerleaders from Luke Hamilton High School in Pearcy, Arkansas held up a banner before Friday night’s football game that read, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TRUMP THE LEOPARDS.”

It was simply a play on words using the President’s name and slogan. It wasn’t an endorsement of anything. But, those with Trump Derangement Syndrome can’t take a joke and even the mention of the name, or in this case, the verb Trump. RELATED: Kirstie Alley Unloads On Trump-Hating, ‘PC Crazy’ Hollywood

PC Police Target High School Cheerleaders

State Senator Joyce Elliott quickly joined in the Trump bashing. The Senator tweeted a picture of the banner claiming it was “totally inappropriate” since this was a public school.

PC Police Introduce Race Card

In a typical demonstration of Trump Derangement Syndrome, someone introduced the topic of race into the barrage of criticism. Comments on social media quickly shifted with concern that a public school was promoting a political agenda. In fact, people began claiming the sign and cheerleaders are racist since Lake Hamilton is a predominately white school. In addition, they made sure to point out that the opposing team has high minority attendance.

“Lake Hamilton this is not a good look, the bad part is that you went to a majority African American/Hispanic School District with this,” one commenter griped on Facebook. RELATED: Taylor Swift’s Dad Deletes His Facebook After Fans Shame Him for Being Republican

On Twitter, Elizabeth Lyon-Bailey used a pie chart to paint the cheerleaders and school district as racist.

School District Stands Up To PC Police

In a refreshing twist, this school district did not cave to political correctness like most. The district issued a statement addressing the faux outrage.

“The Lake Hamilton School District believes that all school activities should be conducted in an environment where good sportsmanship and respect are shown,” the district’s statement said. “The banner displayed at the football game this past Friday was not intended to make a political statement or endorsement. The district has taken steps to ensure that all future banners do not mention or reference political or controversial issues.”

Arkansas Cheerleaders Weren’t The First To Take Fire

These Arkansas cheerleaders weren’t the only ones causing waves with Trump haters. North Carolina cheerleaders were benched for the rest of the season because they posed with a Trump 2020 sign while wearing their uniforms. After 8 years of schools promoting and praising Obama, we now have a Republican president and many of these administrators have suddenly done an about face on these issues.

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