WWE Helps Harley Race + Big Cass Opens Up About Personal Demons

-WWE, and the wrestling community in general, lost a larger than life figure last week. Harley Race, a legend both in the ring and around it, passed away. He had experienced health issues in recent years.

Many younger fans may not know much about Harley Race. This particular writer really only experienced Race as the man who managed Vader at one point. The reality is Harley Race had an impressive in ring career as well-good enough that he has been enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Race has not been too involved with WWE of late, but that did not prevent one last good will gesture from the company before he passed. Former WWE talent (and Harley Race student) Trevor Murdoch shared a nice story over the weekend.

Sure, WWE has deep pockets and all…but it’s still nice to see the company doing the right thing in cases like this.

-The former WWE Superstar Big Cass, now going by CaZXL on the indy circuit, had a very public flame out. He had been poised to do big things in WWE, but the wheels fell off and it will be interesting to see what he can do now.

Since leaving WWE, he’s had some issues. Most notably, the wrestler suffered a seizure backstage at a House of Hardcore event he was scheduled to work.

He has now opened up in an interview and speaks about what he thinks contributed to that medical scare.

Specifically, the big man attributes the scare to his poor mental health and just how much alcohol he was consuming. Specifically, Cass says he was, on a daily basis, drinking a handle of vodka. For those not aware, and to save you from looking it up, a handle is typically a half gallon jug of alcohol.

To be drinking that on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time is not good, and could lead to issues far worse than the seizure. It sounds like he might be in a better place now, and hopefully he is.

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