WWE Fires Shots At AEW

– WWE had remained silent about All Elite Wrestling (AEW), despite the the upstart promotion creating lots of noise. That changed during the Hall of Fame induction for DX.

Triple H mentioned how he is an executive in WWE and then joked how anyone who adds ‘Executive Vice President’ to their name is full of it. That was a shot taken at the likes of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, who also serve as wrestlers for AEW. At one point, the fans started chanting “Thank you Vince” and Triple H remarked how his father-in-law would hire everyone in the building to just fire them.

Billy Gunn, who works for AEW, could not help but have a little fun too. He joked that Vince could not fire him, which got a good laugh from the crowd. Some “AEW” chants started and Triple said Vince will “buy that piss ant company just so he can fire you” to another massive pop. Shawn Michaels thanked Gunn for showing up to the ceremony and being “all in.”

 It was interesting that WWE decided to take their shots at AEW during the Hall of Fame Ceremony. It also makes you wonder if the MetLife crowd at tonight’s Wrestlemania 35 will try to get some AEW chants going.

– At yesterday’s ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard, Enzo & Big Cass made an unannounced appearance after the Winner Take All Tag Match ended. They started taunting The Briscoe Brothers before hopping ringside barricade. This caused Bully Ray to come out and a massive brawl started.

The shots thrown were stiff and the entire segment came off as legit on TV, especially when the screen went blacked for a portion of time. According to Dave Meltzer, the entire angle was planned and the idea was for it to look like Enzo & Cass had hijacked the show.

What made the angle seem even more real was that Bret Hart was tackled about an hour earlier during his WWE Hall of Fame speech. The incident with Hart was legit and authorities are now handling the situation. 

Since then, Enzo and Big Cass posted the following on Twitter.