Ronda Rousey – WWE Return, More NXT Takeover Cards Coming?

It has been months since Ronda Rousey was last seen and there is talk of a WWE return. Also, there could be another NXT Takeover card in the works.

Ronda Rousey Could Be Used For One-Off Appearances

Fans last saw Ronda Rousey in the main event of WrestleMania 35, where she was pinned by Becky Lynch. As of now, there is no final word if the former UFC fighter will return to WWE.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned how WWE prefers Rousey return for at least a program and not just an appearance. The internal belief is Rousey will likely sporadically return for one-off appearances like Goldberg and The Rock. 

Rousey is starting to gain more attention in Hollywood as her schedule continues to build. She recently started filming Fox’s 9-1-1, where she nearly lost a finger.

WWE Possibly Adding Another Takeover Card To Their Calendar

By now, we all now NXT is moving to the USA Network starting next month. With such a major move, there are likely to be some changes made to the brand. While WWE has not given too many details about what to expect, WrestleVotes noted how there is a strong possibly of at least an additional Takeover card being added.

As of now, there are five Takeover events per year. Four of the five events currently take place during the weekends of WWE’s Big Four pay per views- January’s Royal Rumble, April’s WrestleMania, August’s SummerSlam and November’s Survivor Series. The fifth Takeover takes place in June. As of now, there is no word on what month WWE would add an additional Takeover card.

NXT airing the USA Network is WWE attempting to get a jumpstart before All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debuts on TNT in early October. The addition of another Takeover card might come down to the ratings. When NXT aired exclusively on the WWE Network, they never had to worry about ratings. That is in the past as we appear to have another wrestling war on hands.

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