gayle king meghan harry private jet
gayle king meghan harry private jet

Another friend in the media is coming out in defense of climate change activists Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. CBS “This Morning” host, and Oprah bestie, Gayle King launched full-throated support for the royals using private jets to go on vacation earlier this month.

Addressing an issue no one has claimed, King began her justification by saying the pair are “entitled to go on vacation.”

Royals on vacation.

“Elton John offered to fly them on his private plane to his private home. Elton John also said that he had paid the cost of the carbon footprint for whatever was taken up in that and so the fact that they are being hammered because they took a friend’s private plane who took care of all the costs is ridiculous to me,” she continued.

“Do you think any of the royals are flying commercial on a regular basis? I’ll go first. No,” she continued. “So why are Meghan and Harry being singled out? I just think people think that they are easy targets.”

Prince Harry and Meghan are absolutely easy targets on this issue. As the saying goes, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Prince William and Kate received kudos last week for flying their family to Scotland on a commercial airline. The idea that the public is just nitpicking at Harry and Meghan completely misses the issue at hand: Their hypocrisy.

Harry and Meghan are passionate about the issue of climate change and conservation. Taking four separate private flights in the span of a week for vacation does damage to their credibility when finger-wagging about global warming.

Flying commercial versus private

While not an exact science, the US Energy Administration data shows the drastic disparity between flying private versus commercial.

The CO2 output for each passenger on a private jet is roughly eight times higher than the per passenger output on an average commercial jet seating around 200.

That’s not an issue for Gayle King, however. Elton John throwing money at an issue we’re constantly told can only be fixed by changes in behavior is good enough for the Sussex’s defenders.

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Climate change hypocrisy

Harry and Meghan are legitimately being taken to task over the blatant hypocrisy of the pair who thinks anyone with more than two children are damaging the environment.

King took her stand for the Royals further. Reverting to the tactic of the perpetually immature, King said anyone who criticizes Harry and Meghan is just jealous of what they have.

“I think people don’t really appreciate and understand what the two of them have together,” she sniped. “And I think, dare I say, that people are a little jealous out there and there are a lot of haters out there, but what I hope is that it doesn’t change them, because they are both trying to do good in the world, want to do good in the world and they are really good people.”

“But I think it’s silly that they are under attack for doing something and being criticized when they did nothing wrong,” King said. “So it sort of makes me gnash my teeth to powder, to be honest with you.”

Harry and Meghan’s defenders can gnash and wail all they want to but it doesn’t make them look any better.

The more their rich and famous friends dismiss the CO2 excesses of the pair, the more they drive home the Sussex’s “for me but not for thee” attitude on display.

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