Why Meghan Might Be Britain’s Greatest Disappointment

This is a problem

We reported that Meghan Markle had been slammed for demanding that spectators give her privacy and take no photos of her while she attended the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Now, actress Tatum O’Neal has spoken out to blast Meghan by revealing why she’ll never be like her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, and many agree with her assessment.

Daily Mail reported that during an appearance on “Good Morning Britain,” O’Neal was asked by host Piers Morgan about her thoughts on what Meghan did. She held nothing back with her response.

“To have a bodyguard muscle somebody out I just think is so tacky,” she began, referring to the fact that one of Meghan’s bodyguards confronted a man he thought was taking a photo of the duchess. In reality, the man was trying to take a selfie of himself in front of the tennis court, and Meghan was not even in the image.

“It’s so upsetting to me because if you think about Princess Diana and how absolutely inclusive she was and how she would never turn anyone anyway, and I just had so much hope for Meghan, I wanted her to be the next Princess Diana and it seems like it’s all about her and it’s really upsetting me,” O’Neal said. “I’m sorry Harry because I love Harry. You’re now one of the people, you’re a royal, you’re not an actor.”

“If you get the ring reset and you do a $400,000 renovation and you do the private jet to New York for the party; it’s not Diana. This is not Diana, this is something else. I don’t know what it is,” she continued.

With this statement, O’Neal was referring to three of the scandals Meghan has found herself embroiled in as of late. The Duchess was criticized for having the engagement ring that Harry gave her altered and for spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on a lavish home renovation for herself. In addition, Meghan faced backlash when she jetted off to New York on a private jet for an extravagant baby shower that was attended by various Hollywood A-listers. She did this even though baby showers are specifically forbidden by royal protocol.

“I think Kate really gets it,” O’Neal continued, referring to Kate Middleton. “She gets the lack of privacy and I hope they [the couples] are not fighting. Can you imagine though, it seems to me they could not be nicer people, how do you not get along with Kate and William? They are so nice.”

Diana Was The People’s Princess

Diana was known as “The People’s Princess” because she always put her subjects before herself. She had no interest in being a celebrity, and instead focused all of her attention on helping others. In contrast, since joining the royal family last year, Meghan has indicated that she has far more interest in being a star and fraternizing with Hollywood A-listers than being a princess who represents her people. We can only hope that as time goes on, Meghan focuses more on being a good royal and less on being an international celebrity.

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