Friend of Royal Family Calls Meghan ‘Graceless,’ Says Diana Would Be ‘Appalled’

Meghan has earned herself another enemy, it appears, as her behavior has drawn attention from a critical eye.

Meghan Markle was hit with yet another blow this week when royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell, who was friends with Princess Diana, said that the Duchess’s “graceless” behavior would have left the late Princess Diana “appalled.”

Daily Mail reported that Campbell, who has published three books about the royal family, said that Meghan has shown a complete “lack of understanding and appreciation” of her royal position.

“Diana would be appalled”

“Diana would be appalled, she had enough nous to know when to put on a show,” Campbell said. “She was very aware of how important it was to be gracious, while Meghan – and Harry to an extent – trot out the charm when it suits them, but otherwise are graceless. Her behaviour shows a lack of understanding and appreciation of what being royal is. I’m not sure who she thinks she is behaving this way.”

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Campbell, who has previously slammed Meghan for being open about her liberal politics, went on to accuse the duchess and her husband Prince Harry of “depriving” royal fans by being “pretentious.” She then claimed that while she is “rooting” for Meghan, she also thinks she is way too focused on being a celebrity rather than on being a royal.

Meghan is no longer a Hustler

“I have an awful feeling that Meghan needs to understand things she doesn’t yet understand,” Campbell lamented. “Like there is a massive difference between being a celebrity, hustling your way from the bottom to the top, and she was a very proud hustler. She used to use the word hustle for herself and her first husband, very proudly. Being a royal; you don’t hustle, the values, embodiment is completely different, she’s sorted, she’s got it, I think she needs to now embrace it and understand it’s a new game in town. She’s an actress, she needs to come up with a new act!”

Meghan Markle’s politics

This comes months after Campbell called on Meghan to “keep her mouth shut” about politics.

“We must hope she realizes that her vision is not the only vision. Royals must represent all of the people, and all of the people cannot agree with your point of view,” Campbell said. “She should remember she’s not a political activist. There are many conservative people, all over the world, many religious people, who do not have these ‘woke’ and ‘right-on’ views.”

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Meghan has ruffled quite a few feathers during the past year as she’s tried to adjust to life as a royal, and many have said that she has shown a lack of respect for the royal views. While we can certainly see how adjusting to life as a royal would be difficult, perhaps Meghan should focus a little more on following the rules and being the best princess that she can be, rather than putting most of her energy into being an international celebrity.

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