Bad News for Meghan Markle, She ‘Isn’t Popular’ With Harry’s Loved Ones

Meghan Markle is very unpopular in many of Prince Harry's social circles and his friends think that she has completely "overtaken" him.

News reports indicate Meghan Markle is very unpopular in many of Prince Harry’s social circles. In fact, his friends think that she has completely “overtaken” him.

“Meghan and Harry Plus One”

Daily Mail reported that royal biographer Angela Levin made these claims in the new CBS special “Meghan and Harry Plus One,” which aired last Friday. One of the main issues at hand is that Meghan is an outspoken liberal. She continues to share her radically anti-Trump and feminist views. However, members of the British royal family are supposed to remain politically neutral. Many of Harry’s friends feel that her liberal personality dominates Harry and totally overshadows him.

“I think she’s not popular in a lot of circles often because they adore Harry and they seem to think that she’s running the show,” Levin said.

On the same special, royal expert Vanessa Grigoriadis talked about the negative reputation Meghan has gotten among royal staffers, citing the “extraordinary” number of them who have quit in the year since Meghan joined the royal family. It’s been said that among staffers, Meghan has been given the nickname “Duchess Difficult” because of the many demands she gives them.

This is far from the first time that it’s been reported that the “difficult” Meghan has been having trouble fitting in with Harry’s friends and family. Lady Colin Campbell, a close friend of Harry’s mother Princess Diana, said last month that Meghan should “keep her mouth shut” when it comes to her political beliefs. She also remarked that she needs to make “some adjustments to her personality and beliefs.”

Meghan’s Point of View

“We must hope she realizes that her vision is not the only vision. Royals must represent all of the people, and all of the people cannot agree with your point of view,” Campbell said. “She should remember she’s not a political activist. There are many conservative people, all over the world, many religious people, who do not have these ‘woke’ and ‘right-on’ views.”

Since Meghan spent years living in the closed-minded, liberal world of Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that she is having trouble keeping her radically leftwing views to herself. However, in continuing to be an outspoken liberal, Meghan will likely end up hurting the entire royal family. Queen Elizabeth has ensured that the British royal family has survived this long by staying politically neutral for decades. She knows the royal family has fans on all sides of the political spectrum.

In spouting the leftwing views that made her popular in Hollywood, Meghan is not only alienating Harry’s friends, she’s also alienating a large portion of the royal fanbase. For the future of the royal family, we hope that Meghan is able to get it together and keep her political views to herself.

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