CM Punk - Starrcast III Highlights

CM Punk Tells All At Starrcast III

CM Punk took the wrestling world by storm, only to leave years ago after being frustrated by WWE. He would unsuccessfully give UFC two tries and has mostly stayed away from pro wrestling. 

So, there was lots of hype heading into Starrcast III with Punk as the main attraction. The 90 minute Q&A with fans covered Punk’s life before WWE and what he has been doing since leaving at the peak of his career. Below are a few of the key points from Starrcast III with Punk. 

If Punk could work with anyone today, he named Steve Austin, Marty Scurll and Kenny Omega. Although, Punk admitted that he does not know if he could keep up with Omega’s style. As for Austin, he tried to get the match years ago, but it was never going to happen due to Austin’s neck problems. 

When Punk was suspended by WWE and later released after stating that he quit the company, he wished there was better communication. Then, he noted how he would listen if Vince McMahon or Triple H gave him a call. In fact, he is over what happened years ago. After the pipe bomb promo was brought up, Punk said Vince and Triple H never understood his value.

Working With John Cena, Undertaker And The Rock

Punk’s final WrestleMania was a loss to Undertaker. He wanted more from the match and later discussed talk of him leaving WWE for not main eventing WrestleMania. Punk wished he asked for more money and did not worry so much about closing the biggest show of the year.

His famous Money in the Bank match with John Cena came into play. Punk enjoyed the match because Cena let me call everything. He figured Cena was not worried about losing his spot. Punk also said he re-signed with WWE earlier in the day and if he did not, Vince was going to change the ending.

He went over the late Harley Race and said the last few years were rough. He would see Race and speak with him, only for the WWE Hall of Famer to forget his name minutes later.

As for the future, Punk said fans should not expect him to appear for WWE or AEW. He continued that he was going home and would not be a part of AEW’s All Out; which goes down tonight. 

He praised WWE for finally giving Kofi Kingston the push he deserved and said he enjoyed working with The Rock. The interview started to conclude with Punk telling fans to enjoy what WWE and AEW produce in the coming months. He is not picking sides and thinks the so called “war” will benefit the fans. Punk is excited to see what happens when AEW and NXT both air on Wednesday nights. To close, Punk said he is going on vacation.

Overall, not a bad 90 minutes. I would have liked more of the backstage rumors to be mentioned, but it was fun. Not sure if it was worth $15-$40.

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