Aaron Carter spoke out this week to defend the fact that he is a gun owner by praising the Second Amendment.

Aaron Carter Reveals He Owns Guns

Fox News reported that the 31-year-old singer took to Instagram last week to say that he’s the owner of a pistol and two assault rifles after he explained he went through the legal process to obtain a license to own weapons.

“I finally got my gun license! I fully support the constitution and my right to bear arms,” he wrote in the caption of the post. “My father was a military policeman for 21 years and I’m inheriting over 500 curio relic firearms from 3 generations on my fathers side.”

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Carter Defends Gun Ownership

Reporters later caught up with Carter and asked him about his gun ownership as well as the difficult past few years he’s had that have included him receiving a handful of wellness checks by police. Carter said that his mental stability is “infinite” and argued that he’s a different person now than he used to be.

“Throughout my 20s I went through bankruptcy, I went through being broke four times, I went through losing my sister,” Carter said.

When Carter was asked if he should own guns, both he and his mom knew the answer.

“Absolutely,” he said. “For what reason? What do you think mom?”

“To protect yourself from crazy fans,” his mother added.

Carter’s Dad Used Guns To Save His Family

Carter went on to explain that he learned about guns from his father, who once allegedly had to use a firearm to protect his family.

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“Because of what? Because of our assets and because of the children,” he said of his gun ownership. “My father had many guns and was ready to protect… I mean, he protected our family one time when we were on a boat and we were going to get robbed by people when we were staying on an island, and he saved our lives on an island.”

Carter’s attitude about guns is refreshing because most entertainers in the liberal world of Hollywood are staunchly against guns and the Second Amendment. Hollywood stars love slamming guns while also benefitting financially from an industry that often glamorizes gun violence, which makes them extremely hypocritical, to say the least. The reality is that there is nothing wrong with legal gun ownership, and Carter has no reason to be ashamed of owning a firearm. We need more celebrities like him to speak out and defend the Second Amendment!

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