Young Bucks dream matches

-Pretty much since the day CM Punk left WWE, fans have been clamoring for his return to pro wrestling.

However, considering how bitter the split was (and when you factor in the legal battle), the odds of a Punk-WWE reunion have always seemed quite long.

Once he debuted in UFC, and the early reviews of his performance were unflattering, fans thought there was a better chance of Punk swallowing his pride and coming back.

Fans chant his name on a nearly weekly basis, so you know how they feel about him-even if Punk and WWE don’t feel the same.

Now, with All Elite Wrestling open for business, however, there is an alternative to WWE. And it just so happens that CM Punk has relationships with many of the company’s top stars and executives. Punk is friendly with the company owner, and when speaking with Chris Van Vliet, the Young Bucks revealed that they, too, talk to the former WWE Superstar quite often.

While many fans hope that Punk will show up on the big AEW Chicago show later this summer, the Bucks seem to want fans to lower expectations.

While the door to an AEW debut is wide open, the feeling is Punk will return to wrestling if, and only if, he really wants to, for his own right reasons.

Enzo Amore has had a volatile last couple years.

He had a rather rocky way out of WWE, after rising to be one of the more over Superstars. His mic skills got him over, but his mouth and behavior got him fired.

He has been working indy shows most recently, and one has to expect that he and buddy Big Cass would be interested in working for AEW.

While they aren’t signed to work for AEW, there are reports that Enzo and AEW talent Joey Janela got into a fight at a recent concert-reports they both seem to corroborate.

The two had an exchange about the fight on Twitter, but both used language not worth repeating.

It will be interesting to see if this heat in the real world leads to an opportunity for an actual program.