Big Match Confirmed For All Out + Will CM Punk Appear?

All Elite Wrestling has been hitting on all cylinders lately, it seems.

They recently debuted their first PPV, Double or Nothing, last month. Reviews for that show were largely very positive.

The show, of course, was sprinkled with appearances by WWE legends, such as Bret Hart and Diamond Dallas Page. The wrestler formerly known as Golddust worked a fabulous match against his brother, Cody Rhodes.

The evening was capped off by the All Elite debut of Jon Moxley. Mox, of course, is well known to WWE fans, as he used to be Dean Ambrose.

Moxley showed up and attacked both Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho following their grueling main event performance. Omega took the brunt of the damage during this final exchange.

As a result of these actions, AEW has booked a match for it’s big end of Summer PPV. All Out happens from Chicago’s Sears Centre on August 31. On the card, we are now having a match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega advertised.

-Speaking of All Elite and Chicago…

Plenty of fans have already speculated on whether or not CM Punk would show up in the new promotion. Speculation only increased based on comments made by AEW owner Tony Khan, who has some degree of a relationship with Punk.

Punk has avoided WWE since his abrupt exit. The wrestler left the company on bad terms, and has since had his share of legal battles with the company. In spite of this, fans still chant his name on a regular basis, so there’s definitely fan desire to see CM Punk return.

That said, Punk did transition-poorly-over to UFC. His career in mixed martial arts has been, to be nice about it, an abject failure. He has not won a match, nor has he looked especially effective in any of his showings.

People have thought the August AEW event in Chicago would be perfect for a Punk return to the ring. A fan asked him on Twitter if he would continue to disappoint and not appear. Punk’s response: