Convicted Torturer Granted Access to Prince George at Buckingham Palace

The palace needs to make some major changes after a convicted criminal charged with torture was allowed to get within feet of the Royal children.

An investigation has been launched by the Royal Family into why and how a convicted torturer was granted access to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis at Buckingham Palace. Darren Benjamin got as close as three feet from the six-year-old who is third in line to the Crown.

Convict Was Given Access to Prince George

The 40-year-old criminal spent seven years in jail for his role in a torture plot where he and his cohorts poured boiling water down the back of an innocent man. Despite this horrific and alarming criminal record, Benjamin delivered furniture to the palace when the children were there.

Benjamin boasted to friends that he encountered the three young Royals in the courtyard. The torturing menace of a man even said that Prince George was “pleasant” to him. Prince William’s children were with their nanny when the monster was in close proximity.

The Sun reported the discovery of the July 14th encounter to the Royals and an investigation was immediately launched. An insider stated, “This is the type of potentially deadly security oversight that simply cannot be allowed to happen. Darren is a violent criminal who was jailed for the most brutal type of torture.”

“It’s chilling as he has been boasting to friends about just how close he came to our future king and the other Cambridge children,” the insider continued. “His friends were shocked that he was able to get into the Palace and within touching distance of royalty given his past.”

Prince William is reportedly alarmed that his children were within feet of such a criminal. The future King believes in second chances for convicts but wants that to be balanced with security concerns, particularly for children.

Security Review Underway at Buckingham Palace

Apparently, there wasn’t a background check completed on Benjamin before he was granted access to Buckingham Palace and the young Cambridge children. Current security measures are being reviewed to prevent such an encounter from happening again.

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