Meghan and Harry Criticized for How They Wished Prince George ‘Happy Birthday’

Royal watchers had something to say about Meghan and Harry's birthday wish to Prince George.

Meghan Markle has caused a lot of controversy among Royal Watchers since marrying Prince Harry. Her own family has stirred up a tremendous amount of drama with their trainwreck ways, but this latest scuffle actually involved Prince George.

The future King of England turned six this week. His parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William,  shared pictures of George of social media.

Using their Sussex Royal Instagram account, Aunt Meghan and Uncle Harry replied to the Instagram post wishing George a happy birthday. The message was deemed unworthy of a future King by some Royal watchers as it lacked the formality of even mentioning George’s name. It was considered a “cold” and “generic” birthday wish.

Meghan Harry George Birthday

Meghan Markle just can’t seem to win at anything in the eyes of the public. All she and Harry were doing was wishing their beloved 6-year-old nephew a happy birthday. He might be the future King of England, but he is also a close member of their family. Harry calls the Queen “Granny” rather than by her title, after all.

It’s also very likely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a professional managing their social media accounts, so it’s quite possible that neither of them even wrote the celebratory response that is causing so much hostility.

Meghan was attacked by other Instagram followers. @alphabart wrote ” When MM (Meghan Markel) leaves RF (Royal Family) their popularity will bounce back. Instagram user @bluefood.obsess retorted, “@sussexroyal he’s someone you will bow and curtsy to [in] the future.”

Now, this drama is unnecessarily overshadowing Prince George’s 6th birthday all because some Royal watchers don’t like the American princess. It’s acceptable to have opinions on her, but to take them out on a child’s birthday is absurd and incredibly selfish. Let him eat his cake in peace!

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